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More details of Sonic's origins have been discovered, and the physical version has been hinted at

More details of Sonic’s origins have been discovered, and the physical version has been hinted at

Photo: SEGA

After nearly a full year of silent treatment, the details about Sonic Origins It explodes suddenly, but not from SEGA itself. The game was recently Classified in South KoreaThen Back in Australia. The game’s core art has also been discovered via the PSN Store.

Thanks to our friends at VGCWe now have more details on what the game itself will entail with an early PSN slate, along with a strong impact on a physical release.

We’ve also seen mention of a possible release date, but are currently unable to verify that. wind up Famiboards ForumUsers have indicated a release date of June 22nd on the AUS PSN Store. However, we have since made it to the list ourselves and it currently says “Release date to be determined”. It’s unclear at this point if the date was originally visible and has since been removed, or if this is just pure guesswork.

Sonic Origins will include two distinct modes: Classic Mode and Anniversary Mode. Classic Mode will display the game in original resolution and will include limited periods, just like the originals from the ’90s.

In the meantime, Anniversary mode gives the player unlimited lives and displays the game in a new 16:9 widescreen. We’ll be honest, we’re a bit disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be an option to mix and match, here; We would love to play the game in widescreen mode but with everything intact from the original version. To be clear, though, SEGA hasn’t announced anything officially, so there’s a good chance this option will be available.

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In addition, the game will include tasks that will task the player with collecting coins. They can then be spent in Museum mode to unlock new content, challenges, and special stages. The product description also indicates “new areas to explore”. What that ensues is up in the air for now, but maybe we can see something along the lines of hidden palace areas. Finally, it looks like the opening and final animations for each game have been updated.

For fans of physical media, it looks like Sonic Origins will also get a fully boxed version. The PSN listing states that PS4 disc owners can upgrade to the PS5 version of the game, which largely means that a Switch boxed version will be released alongside.

We hope to get some official details about Sonic Origins very soon. Would you choose this? Let’s know!