March 21, 2023

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Miss Universe Harnas Alley is full of color and joy on its return to India

Amid growing controversy in the media and on social media, his body weight is said to have increased. Miss Universe 2021, Harnas Kaur Alley, has been enjoying a few days of joy and lots of color in her native India.Where did you travel two days ago.

The beauty queen made this trip to India to share her culture with the fans: “Stay tuned for more on Indian culture, fashion, humanitarian issues and more! # Coming home “How the official Miss Universe organization shared the news of her return.

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The first show he participated in ‘Holi, Festival of Colors, Where Miss India He made it clear that he did not mind staining his clothes, much less on his face because it was important to enjoy the music, joy and traditions of his own country. Is currently a prisoner.

Holi, the festival of colors, is a tradition celebrated in India and Nepal., Which commemorates the arrival of spring, marks a new beginning as people leave the past. They make giant pyres out of it and sing and dance around the fire all night.

In addition, the Holi festival, also known as Rangwali Holi or Dulhendi. It has a second day of celebration, which has become a global attraction. In this case, most Indian and Nepalese cities unite people of different castes, social conditions, religions and ages with the same purpose: to have fun when they are full of color.

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But where did this colorful tradition come from? It has a mythological origin and today two Hindu myths are of importance. One of these legends is Holika, the wicked sister of King Hiranyakasipu and the aunt of Prince Prahladhan; The second legend refers to the love story of Radha and Krishna and explains the use of colors.

Throughout his video, The The cosmic beauty is 22 years old Explained a little about this tradition, especially the meaning of the four main colors used in this celebration: red represents love and fertility, blue is the color of Krishna, yellow is yellow and green is the symbol of spring and new beginning.

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After his explanation, Harnas Alley Holly shared a video of herself dancing and enjoying life in a loose white dress full of powder. Along with the video, they wrote: “Happy Holly!”, And dozens of people responded positively Mexican Andrea Mesa.