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Minza and the Government of India are exploring the possibility of developing vaccines in Peru | Ministry of Health | INS | NMR | Lime

In the midst of infection (Govt-19), The (Minsa) mentioned interest in producing doses in Peru from Indian vaccine manufacturers, a meeting was also held between the ambassador. Mandarappu Subramanian, and leader (INS), Victor Suarez.

The meeting was created to know the status and potential of vaccine production in the country from the acquisition of raw materials to the final product.

The meeting also discussed the need for manufacturing companies from that country to manufacture and supply vaccines in Peru, as well as the possibility of establishing infrastructure construction initiatives dedicated to production and conditioning, or another activity in the chain of vaccine value.

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The Ambassador of India Mandarapu SubramanianHe welcomed the good diplomatic relations between Peru and his country, which were established 59 years ago. For his part, INS President Víctor Suarez thanked the Indian Embassy for its interest in presenting ways to achieve the production and distribution of vaccines in Peru.

It takes into account that the country prioritizes access to adequate vaccines for the population. As a result of this meeting, it was agreed that INS would review the concessions and conditions proposed by the Government of India and coordinate with the Department of Health.

Plan by President Pedro Castillo

On September 5, 2021, President Pedro Castillo announced that the manufacturing plant for the Sputnik V vaccine, manufactured by the Russian company Kamaleya, would be installed in Peru. However, the status of the project has not yet been announced.

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As a result of negotiations between the Peruvian government and the Russian government, the establishment of a manufacturing plant for the Sputnik V vaccine in the country has been coordinated.”, He revealed Peter Castle In a message to the nation.

The Minister of Health (Hernando Sevalos) will provide further details on these tasksThe president did not provide further details on the talks with the Russian government.

In February 2013, during the Humala government in Holland, Peru and France signed a technology transfer agreement for the production of human vaccines. But, that plan was stopped and forgotten.

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