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Michael Saylor Says He'll Be Buying Bitcoin at the Top Forever and Whenever He Has Some Spare Cash 11

Michael Saylor says he will buy Bitcoin at the top forever and whenever he has some spare cash


  • Michael Saylor was on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Show, where he discussed Bitcoin and MicroStrategy’s long-term plans for digital assets.
  • Mr. Saylor reiterated that he will continue to buy Bitcoin even if it means buying at the top.
  • He also made it clear that he would buy Bitcoin whenever he had some spare cash.
  • Moreover, according to his analysis, Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a highly uncertain world.

Yesterday, the CEO of Microstrategy and Perma Bitcoin Bull, Michael Saylorappeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, where he discussed his views on BTC and confirmed that he would continue to buy Bitcoin even if it meant buying at the top.

Mr. Saylor’s comments on buying bitcoin at the top were when Tucker Carlson asked if he would go to continue buying Bitcoin, answered as follows:

yes. I will buy [Bitcoin] At the top forever.

Right…the extreme way is that bitcoin is a tool for economic empowerment. I am not trying to spend time in the market. I just want to be in it.

Michael Saylor will buy Bitcoin whenever he has some spare cash

Earlier in the interview, Michael Saylor reiterated that he would buy Bitcoin when and micro . strategy He had some spare cash to do so. he added:

The more I have some spare cash, the more Bitcoin we buy.

We’re taking a very long look at this.

The network is only getting better, adoption is getting better, very constructive regulation is coming out of the capital, and the Lightning Network is bringing us closer to Satoshi’s promise to allow everyone in the world to trade with each other at the speed of light in a fair and equitable way.

Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a highly uncertain world

Michael Saylor’s interview on the Tucker Carlson Show also touched on the general feeling of Bitcoin Markets, which MicroStrategy CEO said this to.

Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a very uncertain world. You know…in a market filled with chaos and anger, people need a safe place that stands out from government, agency or company interference.

Therefore, Bitcoin represents a fair, open and equitable network with a very simple promise to anyone who wants to join, which is what you own and no one will take from you.