March 21, 2023

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Mets option Dominic Smith to help Bullpen

Mets option Dominic Smith to help Bullpen

NEW YORK – On Tuesday afternoon, manager Buck Showalter explained why the Mets chose their first baseman Dominic Smith To Triple-A and the right hand was summoned Adonis, Medina From Syracuse: The big league club needed an extra pitcher for basketball. It didn’t help that the beginners hadn’t given the Mets the length lately.

“First of all, we need a jug,” Showalter said. “We won’t put our wealth in harm’s way. We had some short [outings from our starters]. … We will try to keep everyone healthy [in the bullpen]. Dom was the choice we ended up making. …we have big pieces that we really need to be careful with.”

Medina was called up for the sixth time this season. He has a 5.87 ERA in 7 2/3 innings of rest in the Majors, but a 2.00 ERA in nine innings in Triple-A.

Smith got off to a slow start this year, hitting 16-for-86 (.186) with 14 RBI in 39 games with New York. In the 19 games since Smith’s four-stroke night against the Phillies on May 1 — which secured his place before the May 2 deadline — he hit just 130/.226/.217 with seven RBIs and five runs.

The Mets hope to be able to return to being Dominic Smith for 2020, when he was one of the top hitters in baseball with an average of 0.316 and ranked third in the Mets with a 2.0 war.

“[We want him to] He settled in a comfortable area, just reminding himself how good it is [he is]. He is a confident man. I see the work he keeps doing, trying to be perfect every time. Hard to do in this game. The pitchers are really good. Just try to settle into some consistent bats and know there will be every day. Just getting into a groove where he can be who he is able to be.”

How did Smith take the news? General Manager Billy Ebler might have said that better.

“I think either of us would take it if we got news from his employer,” Ebler said. “It was tough, but I made sure to make it clear how good a baseball player I thought he was and still does.” “It’s a point of adversity. But he got our support, any resource he could help with, anything he needed from us, he got.”

With Smith in the minor leagues, Mark Kanha Most likely as a backup first man base. He has played 118 major league games at this position during his career. The Mets also have other players on the list that can see the time at the start. Eduardo Escobar I played 18 games there, while Patrick Mazeka He played 98 first base games at the Palace.