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Metroid 64 imagines a 64-bit entry that never happened

Metroid 64 imagines a 64-bit entry that never happened

While the Nintendo 64 has never had a Metroid, two fans are working to show the world what a Metroid 64 could look like.

As I mentioned nintendo live, Luto Akino took to Twitter to share a Unity 3D project that aims to create what would have been a Metroid 64.

Instead of a first-person camera selection similar to Metroid Prime, this version features a third-person view and shows Samus running around a purple cave area, using her arm, even using a Morph Ball shape and bombs.

There are currently no enemies besides the fixed blocks, but it does give a good glimpse into Akino’s vision and what Metroid will play and look like on the N64. Akino is working on this project with a friend and hasn’t revealed any plans as to when it will be available to the public.

You can check back through Twitter Akino To see more updates on this Metroid 64 project.

Super Metroid was released for SNES in 1994 and it took eight years for fans to get a new entry. While Samus appeared in the original Super Smash Bros., it never had a proper entry on the N64.

The wait might be tough, but fans were treated to two new adventures — GBA’s Metroid Fusion and GameCube’s Metroid Prime — just days later in 2002.

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Nintendo attempted to make Metroid happen on the N64, but revealed that it “could not come up with any concrete ideas or vehicle at the time.” Metroid co-founder Yoshio Sakamoto said he couldn’t imagine how the N64 controller could be used to control Samus.

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