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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry not suing over ‘South Park’ episode


February 21, 2023 | 3:39 p.m

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s representatives told The Post that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not be suing over the “South Park” episode that appeared to mock them.

Their spokesperson called the notion that the episode had legal ramifications “unsubstantiated and tedious” in an email to The Post.

Reports swirled that the former royal couple were furious after Comedy Central aired an episode titled “Privacy World Tour,” which appeared to poke fun at Markle, 41, and Harry, 38, and their decision to move to the US in a bid for a private life.

The Duchess was said to be “upset and confused” by the episode, which did not mention them specifically but featured characters who closely resembled the Duke and Duchess.

The characters in the episode are described as Canadian royalty who move to a fictional town for privacy and are dubbed “The Prince and His Wife”.

The show parodied Prince Harry’s book, “Reserve.”
Comedy Central
In the episode, the couple goes on the “Good Morning Canada” talk show to promote the prince’s new autobiography.
Comedy Central

The “wife” character, who fans have likened to Markle, is described as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim,” to which she replies, “Yeah, that’s totally me.” The couple then went on to adamantly say they wanted privacy — while remaining in the public eye — including one scene where they go on the “Good Morning Canada” talk show to promote the prince’s new book, “Waaagh,” a reference to Prince Harry’s nonfiction memoir, “Reserve.”

said a source viewer Markle was “upset about ‘South Park’ but refuses to watch all of it”.

said royal commentator Kristen Minzer Newsweek She suspected the pair would sue “satirical cartoons who are famous for making fun of everyone”.

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“If anything,” Mainzer said, “they’ll know they’re in good company with other decent people the show has stabbed in the coals.”

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