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Megan McCain calls these controversial parents 'the scariest tag team' in a scathing editorial

Megan McCain calls these controversial parents ‘the scariest tag team’ in a scathing editorial

Megan McCain She’s been very vocal about her views on parenting over the years, but this time she’s calling out some of the parents she thinks are “the scariest.” You probably already know who you’re talking about, given the recent news, but if you don’t, she’s calling Elon Musk And the Nick Cannon.

McCain wrote a scathing piece for the British newspaper The Guardian daily Mail Titled “Elon Musk and Nick Cannon come up as fearsome cult leaders in dystopian Twitter calling on humans to repopulate the planet by having as many children as possible.” It’s safe to say we know her opinion of the controversial parentage.

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Recently, the news broke that Musk has She gave birth to twins with one of his top executives In November 2021, welcoming a daughter a month later with the Grimes. Musk confirmed the news by tweeting, “I am doing everything I can to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapse in the birth rate is the biggest danger facing civilization so far.” Nick Cannon (which McCain referred to as a “serial sperm donor”) replied, “There with you, brother!”

musk respond to father of seven children She tweeted, “Congratulations to your family! We must expand the scope and scope of consciousness for civilization to thrive and understand the nature of the universe. Consciousness resides powerfully in humans, so we need more people!”

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Now in light of that, call McCain Twitter interaction “The scariest tag team tweet in history,” adding, “This is totally weird.”

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“This ‘fertilize the planet’ mentality is frightening and comes like the actions of a cult leader more than an altruistic person who wants to expand his family and save the planet,” she then added, “Musk is not a role model.”

The former the view Host Parents’ mindsets were described as “highly impersonal, fatalistic, and miserable‘, adding, ‘Either we act like bunnies with no emotions and repopulate the planet or we face terrible danger. “

“The premise of his argument that we need as many children as possible is flawed and unrealistic. I remain skeptical of Musk and his intentions in general, as I am of anyone who claims he will come to save us.”

Finished the opinion piece by getting one more hit in Controversial billionairesaying, “Yes, if you are willing and able, have as many children as possible. But not because Elon Musk says so.”

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