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Matthias Kamisani’s New Zen Life: He traveled to India 31 times and played the sitar

Some worlds seem to be as distant as the world itself. Show business TV show and the spirituality of Eastern philosophy. However, if you set aside prejudices, you may find a perfect resemblance between them. IndianThe country where Bollywood products are recorded is just a few meters away from the most beautiful and mysterious Buddhist temples.

It seems the same situation in life Matthias KamisaniFamous in the 90s for modeling Pancho Tato Today he manages his life under Eastern philosophy.

“I do not contradict because I try to act as a result of what I think. This conflict is related to prejudice and comes from the outside, “Mathias said in the conversation Nation Before adding: “I want to play in the bowling alley at three in the morning, but I also want to go to India and go to the temple.”

The early 2000s were an important moment in his life. The birth of their first child coincided with a recent discovery Oriental thinking decided to give up modeling him and dedicate himself His real interest: music.

Matthias Kamizani was the model with Pancho Toto in the 90s, but he did not stand there: he is still in demand by brands

Asked what led him to leave the modeling facility for the uncertainty of the music world, he explains, “The desire to live away from what I wanted was diminishing little by little.” “The same thing happens with photography., Before the epidemic I was doing presentations and photo shows; A project from India, obviously “, he adds.

The Asian nation was consistent in its responses. From there he picked up many things that identify him today: He became a vegetarian, meditated, and followed Buddhist thought (he assures that he did not have the ability to classify himself as such) and சித்தார்One of the most iconic musical instruments of Hindi culture.

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“It changed my mind and made me want to travel there whenever I could,” he says before revealing how many times he has visited the Asian country: “I’ve been to India 31 times. I know almost 50 countries. It’s not that I went there, but I always want to go back.”

That’s where Mukunda Vibra Sounds came from, A band he formed with the mother of his daughter’s schoolmate, in which they used the sitar and Tibetan bowls to create the perfect musical environment to aid in Zen meditation. “I believe people have something predetermined and I don’t know if it came from past or future life. But my India has surpassed me. “ Underlines.

However, he admits that sometimes he questions the reason for this passion for that wonderful land: “Sometimes I wonder when I’ve been there, drenched in sweat, spitting in your face when I talk to you, it There are millions and millions, and you always feel them around you, but I have no reason to explain it precisely to me.

Matthias met Siddhartha and fell in love with music in India
Matthias met Siddhartha and fell in love with music in IndiaInstagram: @matiascamisani

“I love eating that food, vibrating that way, the respect they have for life and animals, I share a lot of ideas beyond music and community. It caught me and everything started to interest me. I read books, read novels and movies, and I understood the language a little.Details with interest.

Of course, he admits that everything happened by accident: “I first went in 1998. We were traveling in the Maldives with my mother of children (Dolores Barreiro) and at one point we said: ‘Let’s go to India to see what happens’. But we were very reluctant, we were not much attached to this idea, We knew nothing, we had the prejudice that it was a very poor country. However, we found something else.

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This interest made him an expert in the field, and with a partner he began to organize trips for groups in Argentina who were interested in learning about that culture. An experience with a corona virus infection.

“We made the first trip when the epidemic started. I had to stay until everyone came back, I can not go back, I spent four days to complete the return, I had to cross the border by missions, it is very rare ”, Explains before clarifying: “Now the idea is to assemble another group.”

Except for his meditative band, Matthias has been a part of many musical projects there, occupying the bulk of the rock show.

Matthias Kamisani has given several photo presentations in India
Matthias Kamisani has given several photo presentations in IndiaInstagram: @matiascamisani

Modeling came into the commissioner’s life from a young ageHe was not even 20 years old when he was already campaigning for the world’s biggest brands in Europe.

“I finished high school and I was 19 years old. It was one of Federal Capital’s first major malls when the Aldo Palermo opened. I started working as a salesman when I went to study at night, and they volunteered to do two jobs like me; At first I said no because it gave me a lot of dizziness and despair; I decided to do one thing and the second they told me I quit doing it forever.Recalls his first steps.

Instead of denying his life as a model, Kamisani proudly describes his experience, although he admits it caused him some problems. “I was a seto for musicians because I came from the world of fashion and I came to the world of fashion. Hippie Because he came from playing the guitar. “To explain.

"I have already been to India 31 times and I know almost 50 countries", Matías Camisani agreed;  In the photo, with his former partner Dolores Barrow
“I have been to India 31 times and I know almost 50 countries,” Matthias Kamisani acknowledged; In the photo, with his former partner Dolores BarrowInstagram: @matiascamisani

What did modeling give you? For him, many experiences. “It was an open-minded experience, I learned languages, I traveled the world, met many people.”He says and points out that modeling may be the best experience he has ever had Play football with Diego Armando Maradona.

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“Dolores worked Lightning (90s icon TV show) and for some time they wrote a note behind Diego. One day I was in bed with a fever, and it was winter, Dolores called me and said: “We’m going to write a note to Diego, he says you’re coming to play football.”Remember.

“I was with Coppola, Lalo, the whole band … apparently half an hour after I jumped out of bed. I was soaking cold in the cocoon. Diego came and threw me a bag and told me: ‘Mathie is playing for me’. I went crazy. Then came the note that went around the world, and I was there, tilting the camera sideways.He adds even more joy.

“My children do not trust me, they tell me: ‘No, see if you’re going to play football with Maradona’Matías closes with a laugh.