June 5, 2023

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Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered app is banned for mod that replaces LGBT flags

Moder for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered He drew attention to his technique of replacing LGBT flags in the game with American flags.

Not long after the “non-Newtonian New York” model was published, it began to be noticed and soon after was pulled from Modify Nexus.

maker Spider-Man Remastered The mod has also been banned from Nexus Mods, with a representative from the mod portal making sure User and mod have been removed and banned because they are “no longer welcome on Nexus”.

As with anything like this, once the mod got published and got users – it has been rehosted many times since then not only in a huge mod community like Nexus Mods.

User responses to the mode itself and its quick removal from “based on” varied with some being upset that the mod existed in the first place – and of course some were upset that the mod was also pulled.

Regardless, the whole debacle once again raises controversy over not just the owner’s right to a product he owns, not to mention freedom of speech. Does such an amendment that replaces one flag with another fall within protected speech?

Some would probably say that Nexus Mods is a likable entity and therefore can do whatever they want with the content and users on their website. This same logic can be applied to game publishers and developers – who can now legally revoke your access to a digital game you legally own, for a variety of reasons.

Spider-Man Remastered Just released PC (via steam And the Epic game store) and PS5 – expect our comprehensive review soon.

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