April 2, 2023

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Martha Stewart’s 4 dogs kill her ‘armless kitten’

Martha Stewart He shared a photo of three men burying a body this weekend.

It was her cat.

“(B) Dumping the beautiful and extraordinary Princess Peony,” Stewart told her 1.6 million followers. “(T) Four dogs mistook her for an intruder and killed her helpless little self. (I) will miss her so badly. RIP beauty”

Stewart, 80, followed the picture of the three men hovering over a patch of dirt with a picture of a cat in better times.

“(She was) the Peony Princess,” she said, sharing a photo of a snub-nosed Persian cat.

Stewart Adopted a calico cat in 2009 With another Persian calico, empress tang.

Millionaire lifestyle guru, who was raised by Martha Costera Jersey City and NotleyI love cats all their lives. The first of them was Shigee, whom she adopted from a shelter.

Stewart, who is the subject of Documentary coming from Netflixowns it and sits on it a pet Many pets.

They include French bulldogs, chow chows, peacocks, canaries, chinchillas, chickens, cows, geese, donkeys, pigeons, horses and a pony named Harrison Ford.

He was a longtime television presenter, who has homes in Connecticut, New York (the city, the Hamptons and Westchester), and Maine, Inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2019.

Stewart was a model before she became a mogul, and a babysitter for Yogi Berra’s family when she was growing up in Nutley. Back then, she got used to it Trap and whip local liqueur and sell their skins.

Martha Stewart, formerly Martha Costera, in the 1959 Notley High School Yearbook.Photo copy by Chris Prevolos | star ledger

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