March 21, 2023

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Mario Strikers: Battle League's file size has apparently been revealed

Mario Strikers: Battle League’s file size has apparently been revealed

picture: nintendo

Next Level Games Mario Strikers: Battle League It launched on Friday, and fans got their first hands-on playing the game online over the weekend. But how big are the numbers for the next weird soccer match?

Well, it looks like you won’t need to save much space to start the game, as Mario Strikers will take up 1.8GB of your Switch storage. This…not much! not far from Mario Tennis Aces“2 GB at launch, but a bit of Mario Golf: Super RushThe initial size is 4.2 GB.

Of course, we know the Battle League will get you some Free post-launch updates Which will probably store the size of this file quite a bit. But it’s nice to know that you probably won’t need to make a whole lot of room for what’s shaping up to be a game cracker.

Mario Strikers: Battle League kicks off June 10, so you don’t have long to get your squad ready in time to hit the field on Friday. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game already, we’ve got you covered, including an exclusive deal for our UK/EU readers, who can get 10% off the game from our store with the code NLIFE10 when you go out!

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We were lucky enough to get some hands-on game time a couple of weeks ago, and we’re very impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Check out our ideas below!

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Will you meet Mario Strikers: Battle League on Friday? Let us know in the comments!