March 24, 2023

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Marcelo Ebrat completes tour of India and the Middle East

The tour of the Foreign Secretary (SRE) ended Marcelo EbertWith the last day of work in Mumbai this Friday, he met with senior executives of CIPLA, Mahindra Group and Tata, representatives of global companies in the country and Mexican companies in India. Sinipolis, Kidzania and Pimpo.

During these meetings, Ebrard announced the opening of the Mexican Consulate General in Mumbai. Financial Capital of IndiaThis facilitates trade between the two countries and supports the security of all Mexican residents or visitors to that city.

Before concluding his tour of India, he accompanied Ephraim to the Mexican delegation, which first traveled to Saudi Arabia and later to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, as well as senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Under-Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights. Martha DelcadoHealth officials, businessmen and researchers for 10 days from March 23.

Since announcing his visit to India last week, Ebrard has highlighted Mexico’s business importance to Mexico’s relationship with Asian powers, particularly its key role in pharmaceutical matters, for which he said he was seeking to unite members. Birmex and Leomont Laboratories to enhance Mexico’s response capacity to counter the emergence of new viruses.

“India is already, today, going to nine, Mexico’s partner abroad. We expect it to grow in that number in the coming years, and we should make the same effort with regard to India. In particular, this visit has two key hubs. The first drug, India became a factory, so vaccines When it comes to that, it has become the factory of the world, ”he said in a message before coming to India.

In that regard, he explained this Friday that during his visit to India, the foundation was laid to strengthen the production of vaccines and drugs with Indian technology in Mexico and to attract investment to our country.

“We are talking about papilloma, we are talking about rubella, we are talking about triple, and we are talking about insulin. Mexico needs large-scale insulin production, for which India can be a great partner,” the foreign minister said today. He also announced that work meetings of Mexican businessmen would continue in India next week.

Ebrard announced that he would soon open a Mexican embassy in Mumbai, which would facilitate trade between the two countries and support the security of Mexicans in the city.

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Tour to India, which includes a visit New Delhi In earlier days, its primary purpose was to strengthen the Mexican healthcare system by negotiating agreements to change the technology for the production of vaccines and drugs for our country.

“The aim is to create a general development of new technologies for vaccines and to grow the manufacturing base in Mexico faster,” Secretary Ebard said.

The talks to attract investment to Mexico were attended by different groups of businessmen from sectors such as IT, electromobility, tourism and the pharmaceutical industry who contributed to the Mexican delegation’s efforts.

“Mexican businessmen participated in the tour in their own ways, but had the opportunity to hold meetings with their foreign counterparts, as well as industry chambers and groups and cooperative funds,” the State Department stressed.