June 6, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Los Leoncitos leaves for India to play in the Junior World Cup

Within hours of the start, Lucas Ray – Junior World Runner – up Lucas Kamareri in 2001 – analyzed the contestants: “We had a very tough area. We had nothing from Egypt, but no matches played due to the epidemic. Africa and no pictures Germany.”

It should be remembered that Argentina qualified for the tournament after winning one of the places awarded by the Pan American Cup held in Santiago de Chile a few months ago, in which they were awarded second place on the podium. Of the 11 World Cups already competing, Argentina participated in 10 and the second place and title at Hobart in 2001 was one of the best. The world Four years later, it was harvested in 2005 in Rotterdam.

“The main virtue of this team is dedication, effort and commitment. A beautiful team was formed and it became a team. I think that’s the most important thing. You can see that they are very united both on and off the field,” said the Argentine coach.

Teammates: Neuen Hernando (Bs As), Augustine Cabana Sandi (Mendoza), Tadeo Mahon (Bs As), Tadeo Marcucci (Bs As), Facundo Zarate (Córdoba), Matteo Fernandes (Bs As), Bruno Stellato ( , Lautaro Domene (Córdoba), Ignacio Ibarra (Bs As), Facundo Sarto (Bs As), Joaquín Kruger (Córdoba), Lucas Toscani (Bs As), Ignacio Nardolillo (Tucumán), Francisco Ruiz (Bs) (Bs As), Bautista Capurro (Bs As), Gaspar Garrone (Córdoba) and Franco Agostini (Bs As). In addition, Inaki Minadeo (Bs As) and Martín Fernández (Mendoza) will travel as reserves. It should be noted that reserves can only be entered if any of the 18 players are injured and unable to participate in the tournament.

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