February 4, 2023

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Los Leoncidos wins world title in India | The U21 field hockey team defeated Germany in the final

Argentina men’s under-21 hockey team He achieved this Sunday on the grass They beat Germany 4-2 in the division to win their second world title In the end The Junior World Cup was held in Bhubaneswar, India.

Great Architect of Dedication to Defender Latro Domin, who scored the first three goals of the game from short corners In 10, 25 and 50 minutes. The Belgian Royal Ombridge player deserved the best finish with 100 per cent performance in those executions because Argentina had three chances in the entire tournament.

Lomas’ Franco Agostini confirmed Argentina’s victory in the 60th minute, with all opponents, including the goalkeeper, on the offensive. In the desperate search to avoid failure.

The Germans enjoyed a good reaction when they were dismissed by Julius Heiner (36m) in the third quarter and then equalized by Masi Bifond (47) at the start of the final.

However, The team, led by Olympic champion Lucas Ray, regains control of the game at the crucial moment with Rio de Janeiro 2016 Las Lyon He also condemned Argentina’s victory over Field Hockey at the 2005 Rotterdam World Cup.

It is impossible to explain what we are feeling at this time. It is difficult to know what we think. We know this team can do it. We play together like any other game. We dedicated ourselves as a team and that was the most important thing. Not being able to explain what it would be like to win this match is insane. This is beautiful and we are very proud of this team, ”Domin told the tournament’s official website.

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Argentina participated in 10 of the 12 editions of the U-21 World Cup and finished second in Hobart (Australia) in 2001 for its outstanding performance.

They beat Germany 4-2 in the final, avenging a single “Albiceleste” defeat throughout the match (2-3)., Which happened on the second date of Group D.

Lyonsidos made their debut in the match with a huge victory (14-0) against Egypt, then lost to Germany and advanced to the final by beating Pakistan 4-3 on the last day of the zone.

In the quarterfinals, they counted the Netherlands (2-1) undefeated and came up with the badge of being the best candidate for the title. After a goalless draw at regular time, France were in contention for a place in the semifinals, which was limited by shootouts (3-1).

The The Frenchman won the bronze medal this Sunday by defeating India 3-2..

In the final of the tournament, which was played at the Bhubaneswar Odisha Stadium, Argentina lined up Nehuen Hernando; Tadeo Marcucci, Facundo Zárate (capt), Mateo Fernández and Bruno Stellato; Ignacio Nardolillo, Joaquín Kruger and Ignacio Ibarra; Facundo Sarto, Francisco Ruiz and Lucio Mindez. Then came Agostini, Kabar Karon, Joaquin Toscani, Batista Capuro, Domin and Tadio Mahon.

Formed by the Germans in association with Anton Brinkman; Michel Struthoff, Erik Kleinlein, Christopher Kutter, and Paul Smith; Mortis Ludwig, Nicholas Shippen and Mario Schasner; Hans Mல்லller (capt), Aaron Platon and Matteo Bolzaric. His relays include Philip Holmesmர்ller, Julius Heiner, Robert Duckshire, Macy Bifond, Andius Barry and Maximilian Seekberg.

At the end of the game, German captain Los Leoncidos greeted: “I think the first half was not good for us. Many technical errors, little pressure on the ball. The second half was a little better but, in the end we lost the final. It is difficult to understand at this time, you need to identify Argentina“.

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