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Little League World Series: The Utah player who fell from a bunk bed is awake and talking after emergency head surgery

Little League World Series: The Utah player who fell from a bunk bed is awake and talking after emergency head surgery

Easton Oliverson, a Little League World Series player who was in critical condition after falling from the loft bed in bed, is awake and talking, according to a social media post by his family. The 12-year-old bowler and defensive player for Team Snow Canyon from Santa Clara, Utah has been hospitalized with a serious head injury.

On Monday, Oliver was rushed to the hospital after falling out of bed, which was located in a condo in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

“This morning’s updates have us all in tears of joy. We couldn’t be more proud of our Easton, and more grateful for the prayers that helped him get to this point,” the update posted on Wednesday read.

Wednesday was also a big day for Oliver for a different reason. The young baseball player got a video sent to him by favorite MLB player, Mookie Betts.

“Hi, Easton, it’s Mookie Betts. I just want you to know we’re praying for you, thinking of you and I hope to see you soon, my man,” Los Angeles Dodgers Felder said right.

When the accident occurred, Olverson’s colleagues heard he was falling and were able to get help quickly. His uncle, Spencer Beck, said the swift action of everyone involved may have saved Oliverson’s life.

“We are now at a point where he is just recovering,” Beck told the Associated Press. “His classmates heard his fall, thank God. When they had surgery, the doctor spoke to Jess and said that if he hadn’t had surgery, but 30 minutes later, he would have died.”

Oliverson is currently recovering after surgery, which involved removing part of his skull to stop a brain hemorrhage, and he is still using a breathing tube.

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Little League issued a statement Detailing Oliverson’s accident and recovery.

“On the morning of Monday, August 15, 2022, Easton Oliverson of the Snow Canyon Little League (Santa Clara, Utah) team sustained an injury inside the residence complex,” LLWS said in a statement. The player has been taken to Geisinger Janet Weis Hospital for Children. As of the afternoon of Tuesday, August 16, Little League officials spoke with the Easton family and were pleased to hear that his medical team remains encouraging due to his progress.

“At the request of his family, Little League International encourages everyone to join us in keeping the Snow Canyon Little League player and his family in our thoughts and prayers, as we wish for a full and complete recovery. Little League International will continue to use all available resources, including those provided by UPMC in North Central Pennsylvania, through the Player Wellness Center, to support the player, his family, coaches, and teammates in this unfortunate situation. In the interest of privacy, it is inappropriate to provide further feedback, and additional updates will be released as they become available.”

Olivers are still scheduled to make their Little League World Series debut Friday, with the Mountain District representatives playing against the winners in Tennessee (Southeast) and Massachusetts (New England). Beck said the team would rally around Easton and play for their community back home.

“While it’s hard for Easton not to be there, they’re still from that community, and it’s still a historic moment for the state, for the little league, and for our community,” Beck said. “We’re cheering them on and maybe they have a little inspiration from Easton and they’re going to win everything. That would be great.”

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