June 2, 2023

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Labriola to beat Seattle

Labriola to beat Seattle

Tomlin got what he wanted, even if he did nothing to advance the decision process, because against the Seahawks, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett all played well. Not perfect, but there was no spin, no delays in game penalties, and no timeouts. Each threw at least one touch pass, each ended up rating a pass in the three numbers, and both Rudolph and Beckett directed more than one scoring drive. And of course, Beckett, the No. 1 pick and darling of the fan base, put the cherry on top by driving the 43-yard, 5-yard car that capped a 24-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Foggs with three seconds left to deliver the decisive points.

“He moved his collection,” Tomlin said in the immediate aftermath when asked to rate Beckett. “He played situational football. He showed a competitive spirit. There are a lot of good things to build on from a first performance perspective.

“I can say the same about all three (quarterback), to be honest with you. They moved their units. They did the unofficial things associated with the position from a leadership and communication standpoint. They were involved. It was a good first timeout for all three. Obviously we’ll comb it tomorrow and evaluated in this way.

Tomlin and his staff’s assessment will ultimately focus on a defense that allowed 159 yards to dash through an average of 6.1 per carry, as well as gather two quarterbacks Geno Smith and Drew Lock to complete 70 percent of their passes to a group of 13 different people. receivers, six of them got at least 15 yards or more. The Steelers were leading 14-0 and 17-3 in the first half only to find themselves in a 25-25 tie with 13:32 remaining in the fourth quarter.

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The fact that Minka Fitzpatrick, Alex Highsmith, Larry Ogungobe, TJ Watt, Tyson Alwalo and Cam Hayward were knocked out doesn’t matter to Tomlin, but it still matters when putting defense performance into perspective. Sure, more of that group can be expected once these former players get their hands on that pile.

But what Trubisky, Rudolph and Pickett did was unusual in that there are not often three quarterbacks on one team who post all of the passer-by-100 ratings, while each man also did something special in terms of playing the position at the NFL level.

Trubisky led his group down the field on opening possession of the game – 75 yards in seven games – and the ball ended up in the end zone based on a 13-yard pass to Gunner Olszewski. Rudolph also directed a touchdown drive in his first series, this game covering 23 yards in three plays and ending with a 26-yard pass to George Pickens, and the next time offense took over the field, he ran 83 yards in 17 plays to tackle the field goal. Then Beckett lived the fantasy.

This was made possible by a tape/sack by linebacker Mark Robinson’s upstart Mark Robinson on Drew Lock, and when Tozar Skipper came in with the loose ball at the Seattle 43-yard line, the Steelers attack got a chance to win the game.

“I loved the match, I loved the look we got, just the free access,” Beckett said of the final, and then got roughed up by defensive line Miles Adams. “I was just thinking, get [Tyler Vaughns] The ball, we’ll get out of the bounds and leave it [Nick Sciba] Put it up to win. But Tyler is a great player. I gave him a chance, he made a move and he scored.”

And now she’s back at St. Vincent’s College, back to the drawing board. It’s time to try something else, because the pre-season opener didn’t do much of anything to separate these brokers.