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Kingdom’s tears are spilling out

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It leaked earlier this week, and some gamers have been scrambling to try and play the Switch game before its May 12 release date. While Nintendo The situation has not been formally acknowledgedSomeone who used to work there, maybe not in the way you expect.

Like some guys on Reddit and Discord, Twitter user imahumanandimagamer posted a picture of Kingdom Tears Installed early on the Switch. “Lol,” they tweeted while pointing their finger at the game icon in the photo. It is not clear if the game was a pirated install on a hacked key or a physical copy purchased early from a vendor or store that breached the street date.

Either way, Reggie Fils’ Emmy, ex President of Nintendo of America For 13 years, it ended up responding. “I don’t know what you want,” this veteran gaming executive says booksquoting ex-assassin-turned-American-Out-confused Liam Neeson in the 2008 movie taken. “What I possess is a very special set of skills, skills that I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

Screenshot of Reggie Fils-Aime responding to a Zelda leak on Twitter.

screenshot: Twitter/Kotaku

It was funny, and kind of weird in the way social media interactions, which are full of meaning and also fall apart in every context, tend to be. Twitter user imahumanandimagamer claims to be 16 years old on their profile. Did a former senior leader at the famous Nintendo company For lawsuits against leakage and piracyjust a joke about killing a child who may have illegally obtained a copy of Kingdom Tears?

Someone immediately told imahumanandimagamer that they made a mistake and maybe they should make their account private. Within an hour the account was deleted, but Fils-Aimé RWe put a screenshot of the interaction for posterity. For the offspring of memes only, I’m sure.

I have no idea if Fils-Aimé will get early access to the game, but he’ll no doubt play once it’s out either way. Huge fan of Nintendo in his own right, The Legend of Zelda The series holds a special place in his heart. Perhaps the most memorable passages of his modern business resume revolve around it connection to the pasta game that has become like a “second job” for him.

“I’d spend the day creating and executing marketing programs for Pizza Hut and then come home to play zelda After dinner and going on into the night,” he wrote. Fils-Aimé was playing with his sons, and at one point called Nintendo’s gaming hotline to beg for help with a dungeon puzzle.


After progressing through the game one evening, I was in the final boss battle. Defeating this enemy will complete the game. At this point, it was about 3:00 in the morning, and I had to get up in a few hours to get myself ready for work. I stopped in to get a few hours of sleep, but during my work day all I could think about was getting back into the game.

I entered the house that evening to the sound of my son screaming with excitement. My heart sank. I knew exactly what happened. He found my file and spent the next few hours trying to beat the final boss. He accomplished this before I walked in the door. He was able to see the game credits, which I will never be able to see because it only played the first time the game was completed.

This was before Fils-Aimé’s career at Nintendo, so he couldn’t get Nintendo Ninjas to hide his son either. Instead, it will continue to create a file Pizza Hut Bigfoot Pizza after two years.

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