March 21, 2023

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Kentucky coach loses his lucky hour in celebration

Kentucky coach loses his lucky hour in celebration

LEXINGTON – The missing Rolex watch of John Calipari has been found. Apparently, Kentucky women’s basketball coach Keira Elsie took credit for her second win of the day in the process.

Shortly after watching the UK women’s basketball team, South Carolina’s No. 1 team in the SEC Championship final in Nashville, John Calipari tweeted that he lost his gold Rolex white in celebration. He told fans he was offering a reward for her return, but a few hours later Calipari tweeted that Elzy had tracked down his missing watch.

“Can you believe it?!? (Elzy) won the SEC Championship in one of the greatest comebacks I’ve ever seen…Then I found my watch!!” Calipari tweeted. “You are the best, Coach Elzy!!!”

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