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Kareena’s position on ban on free fire in India

The Indian market is one of the biggest markets for Free Fire, and this ban could affect the growth of the game. What do you think of Kareena?

  • Unusual reason for banning Free Fire in India
  • Free Fire is arguably the most downloaded mobile game in the world

For geopolitical reasons that have little to do with video games, the government India has decided to ban Free Fire and Free Fire MAX downloads in its region For the border conflict with China. However, from the Singaporean company Karena, the owner of the game in question, they do not know the cause and believe that it can be solved in the short term.

Why India banned free fire

India It is in conflict with China on the border near the Himalayas. Because of this, His government banned more than 100 Chinese applicationsAnd for obvious economic reasons, and because they want to avoid transferring their citizens’ data to Chinese servers.

How did Free Fire get into this list of apps? The game was created and distributed KarenaOwn in turn Be limited. These companies are based Singapore And owned Forrest Ltd., Chinese by birth but Singapore by choice. But Sea went public and its largest shareholder was Tencent Holdings Limited of China.

So, while the real reasons have not been stated, the reason India may have for banning FreeFi would be simply economic because by blocking its download in its territory it would directly affect Tencent and, in turn, to the Chinese economy.

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Free fire

Chaos in Kareena over Free Fire ban in India

“The situation in India is very uncertain”, They promise locally in Kareena. There is no explanation from the Indian government for the ban on Free Fire. They could not confirm from the company how this conflict would continue. If this situation persists and Free Processors related to China are banned, Free Fire will have to find a new way to stay in the Indian market.

Regarding data transfer to Chinese servers, The Garena Privacy Policies That promises Information on all Free Fire and Free Fire MAX users in the Indian Territory will be stored on servers in that country.Or, in case of failure, on servers Singapore.

“If the user is in India, your personal data will be processed and stored on our servers in India or Singapore. According to privacy laws, Kareena will only transfer your information overseas, and the user agrees to such transfer.”Read on the official Garena site.

Free Fire - The Most Downloaded Mobile Game of January

India is the fastest growing market for Free Fire

January 2022 is the most downloaded mobile game Free Fire in the worldNothing less 24 million Downloads. From this number, 25.5% is similar to users in IndiaThe figure represents only the first month of 2022 Six million free fire downloads in India. This is why Karena is looking for an urgent solution to the conflict that will directly affect their numbers.

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