June 7, 2023

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Kareena Free Fire: Why is Free Fire banned in India?

BYou may not like this game, you consider its community “toxic”, it may seem to you that mobile gamers are not gamers (do not start that discussion again), but This matter is very serious: First Star Game on Saturday morning, February 12th Karena Free Fire, Deleted from App Store and Google Play Store in India, For reasons Karena did not report in a press release, but they are This is somewhat clear to some economists.

What is a violent game? No, nothing to see. India is more concerned about real violenceOne of the reasons the game was banned from taking responsibility for the aggression was: War. Not all wars are the same. Currently, many of them are enduring threats, tensions and trade penalties. In the case India punished China, which had a long-running border conflict with it.

Free Fire was banned due to the border issue between India and China

The 2022 It started with some controversial discussions between the two countries How far the border between the two countries reaches in the Himalayan region (They say pink salt comes from here, but that’s not true). So India, where do you live? Lots of free fire players (Look for videos of the game in English, you will find that most YouTubers are from that country) Decided to give an economic blow to China from gaming.

The ban caused a free fire Sea Limited (Chinese company that “owns” Karena, so to speak) Wall Street fell 19% Valentine Monday morning. That’s not all: it’s Free Fire One of the 54 processors banned by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, These include others associated with many of the industry’s greats Tencent, Alibaba and Need Is.

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Indicates free fire Less than 10% of Sea Ltd’s revenue., But it’s still a blow to a company focusing on the gaming and electronics business. And Its fall in the stock market may continue with this move as stock investors are nervous about the movement. Karena has only released a press release in which they say they should “be vigilant” about the siege in India. And only apologize to the players.

Another model How war affects even everyday aspects of life, Before the conflict became a weapon. Without the need for bombings or shootings, ridiculous lawsuits between nations will always affect people. Whose opinion is never taken into account.