March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Juanes’ wife came under heavy criticism during her visit to India

Almost two weeks ago Karen Martinez He happily announced to his network that he was finally making one of his biggest dreams come true.

From India, the Colombian designer He enthusiastically shared that he had arrived in a country he had wanted to visit for a long time. “I have come to India, a trip I have dreamed of all my life. This adventure is just beginning, but it promises to be like what I saw in my dreams one day,” he said in his first release.

It was February 27 and since then, everything has been flattering and unforgettable moments not only for the geographical location of this trip but also for its interior. Passionate about what she experienced, Karen wanted to share every detail and highlight with her nearly one and a half million fans who eagerly await her stories and posts.

(Photo by John Barra/Getty Images) Karen Martinez and Juanes

Generously, the actress and host has taught us what some of the highlights of the place look like, her appearance in a sari, walking through its corners or the usual activities like a camel or a popular tuk tuk. It travels the streets of some of its cities.

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While many of his followers are happy to be able to travel with him through his videos and pictures, others don’t seem so happy. They devoted themselves to complaining Some of its content.

In the post, where she shares her experience riding a camel, she highlights how incredible these animals are and how they represent “strength, recognition and above all, loyalty” in the country.

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Despite highlighting the almost religious similarity between camels and humans, many people do not understand why they ride on their backs, as they consider them to be exploited animals whose use is limited to tourism. “They are slaves to take these photos for tourist networks! It’s not right”, “You lend yourself to exploitation, your post contradicts”, some revealed to him.

Instead of remaining silent, Karen decided to respond clearly and directly to her serious accusers. “Camels are pack animals, no one mistreats them here, we ride in the desert, what’s the problem? Like riding horses, you mistreat them for riding?” He replied.

Criticisms are a small part compared to messages of thanks and congratulations for this journey, which, as she herself admits, leaves behind her best life lessons.