June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Johnson government fears expansion plans to stem Indian variant viruses | Community

The Boris Johnson government is actively sticking to the lock-out plans outlined earlier this year, which began to restore the long-awaited British freedom of movement. The so-called disorder in various parts of the UK India variant of the virus However, it also threatens to force Downing Street to de-excise in order to avoid a new health crisis. The number of confirmed cases of Govt-19 patients has increased by 160% in the past week as a result of the new mutation. From Thursday to Thursday, according to the data Public Health UK (PHE), Called the creature Managing public health in the UK, the number of patients has increased from 1,313 cases to 3,424 due to the new variant B.1.617.2, originally located in the Indian subcontinent.

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This rise is very steep, but it should be taken into account that the impact of the global development of the epidemic in the country is still small. In total, the United Kingdom has detected nearly 250,000 Govt cases, even now, with less than 50 cases per 100,000 people in 14 days, which is about 2,200 a day, which is lower than what was announced by Spain (2,800 Thursdays), which is 70% of the population.

Some scientists, such as Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, have confirmed that the mutation is on track to surpass the Kendish variant known in other parts of the world as the British variant. The strong vigor of the recent England wave. According to data managed by Christina Page, she is director of the Medical Research Division University College London, As of May 8, 30% of viral samples collected across the UK responded to the new variant. “Most cases are more prevalent in the northwestern region of the UK, especially in Bolton, but also in some parts of London. We are beginning to notice new eruptions in other parts of the country,” the PHE said in a statement.

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The Johnson government officially maintains its commitment to return to full normalcy on June 21. However, a Downing Street spokesman agreed on Thursday that all plans could be reviewed: “The identified variance in India could continue to severely hamper progress, and it will be very difficult to achieve Phase 4. We will make decisions based on the latest scientific data.

The British have begun to return to shops, bars and restaurants that have already been closed for four months, and will face severe insurgency if the Johnson government withdraws from its liberation plans. “When will this government take the minimum risk and allow people to resume their lives?” House of Commons.

Downing Street is under pressure from the tourism industry, which does not understand the decision to include most European destinations. Spain included, In the so-called “amber list”. Passengers returning from those countries must be subjected to ten days of isolation and a total of three PCRs. They must be PCR 72 hours prior to departure, and two more contracts must be made 2 and 8 days prior to isolation. Passengers can choose where to do it first, the next two will be charged by the British government.

In addition, different government ministers and Johnson have made it clear that those are the countries Amber List They should not be considered potential holiday destinations and domestic restrictions will be significantly increased so that no one can avoid forced isolation once they return. The Prime Minister has also made it clear that the list of countries that can be reviewed every three weeks from the announcement on May 17 – the next on June 7 – will not experience changes in the “immediate future”.

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