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Jane Foster Mighty Thor gets her very own Love and Thunder Poster

Jane Foster Mighty Thor gets her very own Love and Thunder Poster

Jane Foster from Natalie Portman, as Mighty Thor, stands on a rocky outcrop and raises the Mjolnir hammer with her right hand, summons a bolt of lightning to her, and lights it from above.

Thunder in her veins.
picture: Marvel Studios

This week started with our much awaited first look Thor: Love and Thundermore specifically, we have Long– Get ready to get a first look at Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster taking on Mjolnir Become a great bull. Now, befitting a thunder goddess, she has her very own version of a teaser poster to match.

When love and thunder Trailer for a movie On Monday, we got a teaser poster featuring a bull Dressed in the “Raffgers Costume”, an 80s sleeveless jacket, And the jeans he wears while hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie. He’s so cute, so colorful, he made Chris Hemsworth hold his hammer ax high to summon lightning. What could you have asked for more?

Image of the article titled Jane Foster & # 39;  s Thor gets her own radical version of the Love and Thunder poster

picture: Marvel Studios

Well, the answer of course is for Odinson to step aside as the one and only Thor and give us someone Jabbar. Natalie Portman seems to agree, as today she took to Instagram to reveal Jane’s own version of the poster, giving us her version of Thor in all its glory:

And you thought you were the only one… Tweet embed 🙃, ‘Portman added as a caption to the poster – which brazenly notes that ‘the person is’ not The only one,” Hemsworth’s Odinson swaps for Jane—without her fancy new helmet—and she’s raising the remodeled Mjolnir high. Otherwise it’s the same label, same idea, same colorrs and all that, just … stronger.

It’s a great way to not only give Jane her moment in the spotlight, but to play with a certain amount of panic some fans have shown at the prospect of a female Bull in love and thunder (Although this happens in the comics of course, it’s totally fine, and actually really cool if Take the time to read it). People mentioned that there’s enough room in the Marvel Multiverse for two gods of thunder under Thor’s mantle!

Thor: Love and Thunder It is scheduled to hit theaters on July 8.

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