June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Jacques-Aurélien Marcireau (EdRAM): India’s peaceful commitment is at the heart of the conflict.

Jack-Aurelian Marciro, co-chairman of Edmund de Rothschild Asset Management and Kevin Nate, international equity fund manager

Indian A leading actor Occupies a unique position in the international political arena and in the already developing world. India has been a key partner in Asia for Western democracies against China Procedures To protect its economy from crises in the supply of raw materials. India’s economy has changed profoundly in recent years. Something that is not fully understood By investors and this explains its surprising profitability and market resistance.


It is often said that every crisis An opportunity to update and change criteria. Many rivers have been inked in the aftermath of the current war in Ukraine, but sometimes peace says the same thing. This silence of the United States and Europe on India’s attitude and its non-alignment. Joe Biden has been critical though Recently Allegations have surfaced that India has decided to increase Russia’s oil purchases Very shy Compared to looking at China being asked to take a stand.

This comparative silence is explained by India’s position Important partner To help control unpredictable China. India is an important ally, it needs to be taken care of, it wants to play its part, but Under no circumstances And that he would not sacrifice his own interests in the name of restoration. The West needs a strong India. The country understands this well and wants to take advantage of this almost unconditional support when neighboring countries are concerned.


Indian Fully visible What it means politically and economically. Let’s mention another silence, that is The disappearance of sound Steps at airports.

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If Indian technology companies had developed in the past a Immigrants – are now evolving into sophisticated spheres – serving the US Department of Technology, most of these students are now staying in India, aware of the opportunities offered to them there, When previous generations of immigrants reinvested in their homeland To use its potential. Indian engineers, Indian IT service providers have so far been the only domestic sales outlet, now there are many more options, Including internet companies and start-upsThose who capitalize on the rise of the Indian digital economy.


In this context, the Indian market Has exceeded all predictions: Due to its premium compared to other emerging financial markets, its sensitivity to raw materials – especially oil – and Its remarkable performance last yearMany were ready to bet on a sharp fall in the stock market.

In fact, the Indian market It has been very good since the beginning of the year, 2.8% lower in developing countries compared to 4.8% growth. To other developing countries (in Euros of 04/06/2022). Who are the investors Probably already They set their timeline for the next decade, not for the next few months.