June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Italy found 23 positives on the flight from India

At least 23 people landed at the Roman airport yesterday Fumicino Comes from India The health chief of the region, which includes the Italian capital, tested positive for the Indian corona virus this Thursday. “Last night, at 9:15 pm local time on the plane that landed at the Roman airport Fiamicino with 213 passengers and 10 crew on board, 23 people tested positive for the corona virus,” said consultant Alessio de Amado. Logio Health.

The Italian Ministry of Health has extended until May 15, 48 hours before the arrival of the corona virus test and five days of isolation, followed by another test for all people from Union European countries.

Italy bans travelers from Sri Lanka already applicable to travelers from India and Bangladesh

The move expires tomorrow, April 30, and has been extended for another fifteen days, Health Minister Roberto Speranza confirmed today.

The long-awaited move, approved for last Easter, establishes a five-day isolation for those who have spent the past two weeks in one of the EU’s twenty-seven countries.

The Minister also banned Sri Lankans from Italy who had already applied for travelers from India and Bangladesh. Only people of Italian nationality will be allowed to enter Italy from these countries.

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