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It seems that Sony is once again making the worst version of its PS1 games

It seems that Sony is once again making the worst version of its PS1 games

Sony PlayStation Plus renewal The service has been slow to start around the world, bringing users varying amounts of downloadable games and live streaming – provided they sign up for the right price. As Sony’s first coordinated effort to feature its classic backlit catalog in the current console generation, the new PS Plus layout is significant. However, in the end it may not be the best show to say classic games.

Early reports surfaced on social media for the first time History of video games It appears to show that some of the PlayStation 1 games offered on the service are the slower-performing PAL versions of the games, as evidenced by the lower frame rates and opening titles attributed to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

In the pre-high definition era, regional video formats standardized television performance. In Europe, this format was called PAL and had a refresh rate of 50 Hz and a frame rate of 25 frames per second. In North America, the format was NTSC, the refresh rate was above 60 Hz and the standard frame rate was 30 fps. There are other differentiating factors between these two formats, but these are the most relevant today – on a crisp, modern screen, PAL’s low refresh rate and frame rate will have some slight fluctuation when compared to the NTSC version, making NTSC the preferred version in most circumstances.

Since the revamped PlayStation Now is just getting started — service has just launched for subscribers in the Asian region, and won’t arrive in North America until June 13, roughly three weeks from now — it’s not clear whether or not this will be the case. The case in each region, or if the option to play NTSC versions of PS1 games available later has been added. A lot could change in the next few weeks.

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However, there is precedent for this. Back when Sony jumped on the mini console with a frenzy Playstation classicThe company also made a perplexing simulation decision PAL version of many games on console — the thing that did little to dissuade skeptics of the company’s investment in its back catalog. The coming weeks will likely show just how much Sony is interested in dealing with those interested in its older offerings.

Polygon has reached out to Sony for confirmation and will update this story pending a response.