May 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Is India’s diversity the cause of that country’s epidemic crisis? | The world

Two SARS-CoV-2 mutations were first detected A month ago, when the country began to suffer from a shocking increase in cases of drowning its health system, experts were wary of making this wave responsible for the second wave.

“BU India (Insacog), developed by ten national laboratories to analyze the behavior of the virus.

This finding coincided with the dizzying onset of the second wave Corona virus In a country of 1,350 million people, it adds more than 300,000 new infections every day, and this has led to an increase in cases.

Insagoq has identified hundreds of variants of its models since launching its investigation last December. , “Current data do not suggest that this increase is due to a variance or a specific factor alone.”

According to the federation, the reasons for the sudden increase were mainly “non-compliance with appropriate govt behaviors”, “increase in immune escape mutations and increase in some infections” and “decreased immunity”.

The dominant variant

Of the more than 15,135 experiments analyzed by the Laboratory Federation, there is one variant with the highest reserve in samples collected nationwide: P.1.1.7, from the United Kingdom.

In samples equivalent to 1% of confirmed cases, there are approximately 1,600 positive cases for the British variant (B.1.1.7). With more than 100 specimens of the South African variety (b.1,351), about 11% of the discovered varieties are imported, said research doctor Rajip Dasgupta.

Variation of the virus develops India This is less than 5% of the analyzed trials, 732 samples.

Although scientists have not reached a consensus, mutations in these domestic variants suggest that it is highly contagious and has the potential to escape immunity.

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Variation, according to the investigating physician India, Which has been in circulation in the country since last October, has a smaller presence than the British one India It is less contagious.

Moreover, the presence of strains is not the same across the country and is more prevalent in one or another of different regions.

In the western state of Maharashtra, which is most affected by the epidemic, 35% of the samples are similar to the strain. India, 50% British in New Delhi and the other half various Indian mutations.

Similarly, in the northern state of Punjab, mutations of the British variant dominate 80% of the samples.

Reasons for the sudden increase

Still, Dasgupta did not want to remove imported variants or derivatives from the table. Corona virus Has provoked the crisis of Corona virus In the Asian country.

“The second wave may be largely due to abnormal or different forms. Strains B1.1.7 and B.1.617 are thought to have contributed to the uprising in the states of Punjab and Maharashtra respectively; these two states accounted for one-third of the cases till the end of March 2021,” he noted.

But one cannot lose sight of the fact that this occurs in an “environment of abandonment of ethics”. Exchange, all kinds of congregations that contribute to increasing exchange, ”he said.

This may be related to the genetic sequence of experiments in the eastern state of Bengal, in which an electoral process involving mass rallies and concentrations found in samples of all rallies is carried out over several weeks.

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Fear of Indian diversity has led many countries to veto the influx of people from Asian countries.

In recent days, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, New Zealand, Bangladesh and the Maldives have suspended flights to India as a security measure.