May 31, 2023

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iPhone 14 will be manufactured simultaneously in India and China

According to reliable sources, the production of the new iPhone 14 will take place simultaneously in more than one Asian country.

Foxconn is a key Apple partner Manufacturer of major Apple brand products. This component manufacturing company has iPhone production lines in several countries; However, operations within China will always be the most important when it comes to international shipping.

But this time, Apple seems to have changed the game and is producing its new flagship Launching simultaneously in India and China.

For the first time a new generation is produced simultaneously in more than one country

iPhone 14

A review of the design of the new iPhone 14

According to Apple’s most trusted analysts, Ming Chi KuoProduction of -at least- one of the new models iPhone 14 It will happen in India and almost at the same time as China.

If Kuo’s statement is correct, This is the first time that a new generation iPhone is being manufactured in a different country at the same time With China, from the past, production outside the Asian country usually started several months apart.

My latest survey indicates that Foxconn’s iPhone production center in India will ship the new 6.1-inch iPhone 14 almost simultaneously with China in the second half of 2022. (In the past, India went a quarter late or longer).

Actually, for that Confirm what Guo pointed outIf we go back a bit in the past, Foxconn started assembling iPhone 13 In April 2022 in India, the production line in Brazil started two weeks later.

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What is the reason for this decision of Apple?

Apple is not trying to meet global demand With its new iPhone manufacturing in India. In fact, it’s the opposite; It only seeks to meet the demand in the local market.

In the short term, India’s iPhone capacities/shipments are far behind China’s, but this is a major milestone for Apple in creating a non-Chinese iPhone manufacturing hub.

According to the researcher, due to the huge difference in productivity between the two countries, the production iPhone 14 In India, This may not be enough to fill the gap caused by problems with production lines in ChinaStill, the decision is interesting in terms of expanding iPhone production outside the traditional Asian country.

Apple is looking for an alternative to China

From blocking exports by China and delays caused by component shortages to components not meeting quality standards; All these factors have created significant delays iPhone 14 in production in China.

At the same time, it increased production of iPhone 14 in India Look for an alternative to China Because of the geopolitical implications that affected Apple’s production chain.

Although setbacks have not stopped appearing, Kuo recently pointed out that Apple will announce the new iPhone 14 in SeptemberBecause the California company has overcome each of the problems that have arisen.