May 29, 2023

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Invasion of Ukraine: Video allegedly shows a tank driving on top of a moving car

Invasion of Ukraine: Video allegedly shows a tank driving on top of a moving car

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A video allegedly circulated on social media shows a tank driving over a civilian vehicle in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

The tankwhich some social media users have speculated as Russianswerves through multiple traffic lanes before passing over a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, crashing it.

After that, the armored car appears traveling in the opposite direction.

Sky News verified Authentic videos.

White House says it will sanction Putin; I heard a lot of violence in Kiev: live updates

Warning: Graphic video

The accident occurred in Obolon KievUkrainian journalist Alexander Khrypt tweeted, along with footage captured from a distance in a high-rise building.

Several other videos from different points of view were also posted online where onlookers expressed their shock.

“In Ukraine, a Russian tank passed over the civilian car. Terrifying footage,” tweeted Vranak Vyatorka, Belarus’s chief elected official advisor and human rights activist, Svyatlana Tsykhanoskaya. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

In another video, a group of men were seen trying to pull a man out of the wreckage. They are seen banging on the car and trying to open it while a man appears inside.

He appeared to have survived, but the extent of his injuries was not clear. While some speculated that the tank was Russian and the driver lost control, this was not confirmed on Fox News.


Russian and Ukrainian forces continued to fight battles as Moscow attempted to seize Kiev. On Thursday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense asked citizens via Twitter to inform the authorities of any movements of enemy forces and the use of Molotov cocktails to “neutralize the occupier”!

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