March 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Interesting case of the Indian team playing with 9 and having an alternative bank created by God

In the I-League, one of the first two football divisions of India, an extraordinary situation arose which caused a stir on social media. This Sunday, Rajasthan United made their debut, but it only had nine players and this will not be the usual first match as alternate bench specials prevail.

Although RUFC was able to enter I-League history, it seems that it was not adequately organized. Despite being proud to be the first team from Rajasthan to qualify on their first try and participate in this tournament, they are not ready as much as they would like.

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For this Sunday’s debut against Round Class Punjab FC, he will be playing with nine players and in an official statement on Twitter they tried to explain the reasons. When looking at the map with the summoned, more than one may think at first glance that the decrease in Govt-19 cases is due to, but the situation is completely different.

Not only do they not have a complete team, but when describing who creates the bank of substitutes, they add values ​​instead of the names of the players. “Hard work, encouragement, courage, God, ambition”, Among others.

“After qualifying for the I-League with an extended qualifying season, the club could not sign new players because the players’ records had already been closed. The company explained on Twitter.

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“It was great to qualify,” It left the club in a very short time to prepare and build a competitive team. We want to retain the minimum number of players from the playoffs and get the best players for the best league because the competition is undoubtedly high, ”they explained.

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The team explained that they had asked for the crossing to be postponed, but that did not happen and that Argentina had been playing the game since 11am. They concluded in an earlier statement: “RUFC has asked the league to consider postponing the match to avoid embarrassment not only to the club but also to the league, our opponents and Indian football in general.” However, it is important to see how the team resists with no changes and fewer players.