June 7, 2023

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Indonesia is the new hub of Govt-19 in Asia rather than India

(CNN) – Indonesia reported 54,517 New cases of Govt-19, Officials reported Wednesday, a record in a single day and the red flag for the world’s fourth most populous country.

Island Country, It has a population of about 270 million and now records more cases per day India, Badly affected by Govt-19, made Indonesia the new hub of the epidemic in Asia. Experts say that if the spread is not slow, it could bring the Indonesian healthcare system to the brink of disaster.

Some fear that the situation is worse than the statistics show, because not enough individuals have been tested for the virus. A referendum Released Saturday It was revealed that nearly half of the 10.6 million people living in the capital Jakarta may have contracted Govt-19.

Adequate answer

The Experts confirm Indonesia is now incurring costs such as failing to implement strict closures or investing adequately in effective communication tracking systems. Officials did not realize at first how quickly the virus had spread in these recent waves, Health Minister Pudi Gunadi Sadiq told CNN earlier.

Officials are concerned that hospitals will not be able to cope with the number of patients who need to be admitted to the hospital, especially as hospital admissions are spreading. Delta variant Virus, more infection. A further 991 Govt-19 deaths were reported on Wednesday, bringing the total death toll to 69,210.

Authorities in Indonesia are struggling to vaccinate a sufficient number of people.

The government agency Andara News reports that 90,000 of Indonesia’s 120,000 hospital beds are occupied. Oxygen prices are high At the end of June, Now it seems that some hospitals are not running on this input. More than 60 people died in the same center a Earlier this month A hospital spokesman could not confirm whether all of the dead were infected with Kovit-19 after the Java hospital reduced its oxygen supply.

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Bali and Java Islands – home to the populous capital Jakarta – Were placed under emergency lock-up last week.

Authorities are also finding it difficult to vaccinate a sufficient number of people. According to CNN’s Govt – 19 vaccine monitoring, Indonesia has only 5.5% of its population vaccinated. In Jakarta, about 2 million people – about 18% of the city’s population – have been fully vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health.

Vaccines are “Indonesia’s hope for a recovery from this global health crisis,” President Joko Widodo said on Wednesday.

Residents of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, line up to fill oxygen tanks on July 15. (Credit: Criswando / AFP via Getty Images)

“We need to guarantee fair and equitable access to vaccines because we see that there is still a huge gap in access to vaccines across the country,” he said.

On Tuesday, nearly 3.5 million doses of Astrogeneca’s Kovit-19 vaccine arrived in Indonesia as part of a global Kovac vaccine distribution program. State media reports that Indonesia has received more than 14 million vaccines through this program.

Govt-19 erupts in Asia

Indonesia is one of many countries fighting the Govt-19 outbreak and trying to vaccinate its people. India continues to file tens of thousands of new cases a day. Myanmar’s governing body reported 7,083 new cases and 145 Govt-19 deaths on Wednesday, but social welfare groups fear the real situation has worsened since the February military coup.

In Myanmar, many people with symptoms choose to stay at home because they do not trust hospitals run by the military. People have been evacuated from centers that do not have intensive care beds, and others say they cannot carry more patients.

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Covit-19 tests were reused in Indonesia 0:45

Cases are also on the rise in Malaysia. The country’s health ministry on Wednesday registered 11,618 new infections, the highest in a single day since the outbreak began. The Bernama State News Agency Nearly 435,000 doses of the vaccine were reported on Wednesday, a daily record in Malaysia’s vaccination campaign.

Thailand has also been hit hardest by the epidemic. To fight the climax, a Government Adviser approved The plan is to mix different doses of the vaccine against the corona virus, despite the inconvenience of the population. The strategy has not been tested in detail.

In Northeast Asia, Japan and South Korea are also struggling to control these cases, and often they are lagging behind Western countries in the vaccine campaign. Various parts of South Korea have enacted new social remote measures as the number of daily cases has reached new records.

The Japanese capital, Tokyo, is in a state of emergency, with the Olympics set to begin next week. Games Will take place without spectators Due to infection.

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