June 6, 2023

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India’s Wion news channel exposes Pfizer’s techniques to silence governments and contract terms on Covid-19 vaccines: “This is vaccine terrorism”

A news program called Gravitas from an Indian channel wion televisionPharmaceutical company Pfizer has revealed the way it is dealing with governments and some clauses in deals on vaccines against Covid-19.

“What happens if a vaccine manufacturer starts bullying? Governments are silenced, arrangements are crippled, economic gains are prioritized over saving lives. I’m not describing a hypothetical scenario: I’m describing what Pfizer is doing.

American pharmaceuticals do all of this: bully countries into submitting to its demands. We had already informed about this last February, this year. “When countries like India sell vaccines to poor countries, there are companies like Pfizer that threaten governments. Pfizer They should be compensated for the cost of future claims. Pfizer want Argentina Compare its bank balances, its military bases and its associated embassy buildings (ask for this). These are Pfizer’s claims.

Check this out:

Number One: Brazil ceding sovereignty over its assets abroad Brazil in favor of Pfizer. (Number Two): The laws of the country do not apply Pfizer.

Number three: That Brazil Take delivery delays into account.

Number four: Pfizer was not penalized (for late delivery.

Number five: Pfizer shall be absolved from any civil liability in case of any side effects.

Eight months have passed since we announced all this. Pfizer That hasn’t changed, it still puts its profits ahead of public health. It still forces governments to bend to its will.

An advocacy group has released more details about what it does Pfizer. They had access to some secret agreements Pfizer, and we have a copy. The deals cover nine countries and the details are shocking: humiliating countries forced to make humiliating concessions to Pfizer. We read the entire report and found six very important points to underline:

1.- Pfizer Governments have the right to silence. It has forced countries not to talk about agreements on vaccines.

Two.- Pfizer It controls donations of injectable drugs, not the country that buys them. Pfizer determines where the needle goes.

3.- Pfizer’s protection of intellectual property is particularly troubling Pfizer Governments will pay for intellectual property theft. Not the company.

4.- In case of disputes, the settlement thereof shall be decided by private arbitrators and not by ordinary courts.

5.- Pfizer can go against government assets to ensure compensation.

6.- Pfizer has decision-making priority in all key issues: it determines delivery times and other issues.

How does Pfizer appease governments?

through contracts. Hermetic texts are the center of everything. They can silence governments in ways you can’t imagine. Look at what happened in Brazil: Pfizer agreed to supply its Wuhan virus vaccines to Brazil and secretly slipped in this clause of the agreement to force Brazil not to share any specific details of its agreement with Pfizer. This is what it actually says: “The Brazilian government is prohibited from commenting on the existence, substance or terms of the agreement or its relationship to it. Pfizer without the prior written consent of the Company. In other words: Brazil You may not discuss the settlement with Pfizer unless you have written consent from Pfizer. It’s basically a private company silencing the government.

That’s not all. Pfizer also decides who to vaccinate.

If someone wants to donate Pfizer needles to Brazil: Can they do it? They can’t. The agreement with Pfizer limits Brazil’s ability to accept donations. No one can donate the vaccine to this country, and the Pfizer shot cannot be used until it is purchased. What happens if Brazil does not follow these rules? The consequences will be serious… Back to the statement: “If Brazil accepts the donated quantity without Pfizer’s consent, it will be considered an irreparable breach of contract, allowing Pfizer to terminate the contract immediately. Once terminated, Brazil must pay the full price for the contracted doses to be delivered.

So Brazil You have to pay the full price and Pfizer does not have to provide the entire line of vaccines against the Wuhan virus.

What if someone accused Pfizer of intellectual property theft of their vaccine technology? Government will be forced to protect Pfizer.

At least four countries are obliged to protect patents PfizerThat means these governments protect Pfizer Intellectual Property Theft A company can use anyone’s intellectual property at will.

Colombia is one of them. Suppose a domestic vaccine manufacturer or any pharmaceutical company Colombia He went to court and accused Pfizer of infringing his vaccine patent. Who should fight the case? can not be Pfizer Although they are the accused party. In court it will not be Pfizer or its lawyers, it will be the Colombian government. Government should protect Pfizer If they lose the case, the Colombian government will have to pay instead PfizerNot the company.

What if these governments want to get out of these tough deals? They can’t sue Pfizer for anything. The matter will go to a confidential arbitration court, where there will be three private arbitrators in New York, and Pfizer will be governed by New York law, not the laws under which the vaccines are sold.

These countries will pay a lot if you lose a case. Pfizer will ask the government to hand over control of state assets to cover losses. What asset class are we talking about here? Foreign bank accounts, foreign investments, commercial assets, state-owned airlines, even oil companies: everything owned by a sovereign government. Pfizer could own all this from a government. Basically, everything will be done on Pfizer’s terms once the country decides to buy its vaccine. The injection is also decided by the company. In Brazil, in Albania, in Colombia, Pfizer decides the vaccine distribution schedule, and those countries have to accept what they are given. Of course Pfizer determines the price. It decides delivery dates, takes no responsibility for anything, and if someone sues the company, the government pays for damages, not Pfizer. There is no other way to describe Pfizer’s business practices: This is vaccine terrorism.«

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