March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India’s third wave of tensions worsens as corona virus ‘R’ factor ranks 1st; Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are showing a tumultuous resurgence

Passengers wait in line to test Kovit-19 at a railway station in Mumbai. (AB photo)

India today reported the lowest Govt numbers with less than 30,000 new corona virus cases. This is the first time in the last 150 days that the number of daily cases in India has dropped. The moment of relief? Yes. Is it time to be happy? No! This is because while India is experiencing a steady decline in new Govt-19 infections, there is another key factor that could ruin future plans to further ban cities. A chaotic increase in the value of the ‘R’ factor showing that the third wave fears have all the potential to become another catastrophe, albeit in a more realistic and somewhat blunt way.

Addressing the media today, Health Ministry officials provided data to sound the alarm bells. India’s ‘R’ factor value is higher than 1.0, indicating that the government is growing at a rapid pace. With an effective reuse value of 1.3, the number of cases in Punjab is increasing dramatically. The situation is similar in Himachal Pradesh, where the tourist crowd was high last month.

R factor, corona virus, corona virus in IndiaR factor, corona virus, corona virus in IndiaR factor, corona virus, corona virus in IndiaIndia’s ‘R’ factor was below 1.0 in June. Since then, the number has increased. (Photo: PIB / Twitter)

In the most populous state of India, the ‘R’ factor value is greater than 1 in 1.1. According to the Ministry of Health, cases are likely to increase in Uttar Pradesh in the coming days. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa are standard, although these states also have an ‘R’ factor above 1.0. Government data shows that Andhra Pradesh will increase further.

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Simply put, the government says that if the ‘R’ factor is high, the trend of corona virus to have a drop in daily cases in India is not significant.

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