March 29, 2023

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India’s Sports Challenges in 2022

Special 2021 Challenges India

New Delhi, Dec. 29 (EFE) .- The Asian Games in China, the promotion of electronic games (eSports) and the hosting of the Women’s U-17 World Cup will be the main challenges for the 2022 Indian Games.

Asian Games 2022

India is preparing for the next Asian Games to be held in China in September, and the country is expected to continue to progress as it did at the Tokyo Olympics, in which they reached the highest metals in history.

With 672 metals won so far, the country hopes to increase its medal tally in cricket, badminton, field hockey, wrestling and sniper.

Encourage games

Today, India is one of the least developed countries in electronic sports, which will be included in the Asian Games next year, and in countries like China or Vietnam they are all eye-catching and role models in the Asian region. .

However, the potential of the Indian population in the development of technologies and the revival of the game during the lock-up could quickly elevate this discipline and make India globally competitive.

Women’s Under-17 World Cup

The country will host the 2022 U-17 Women’s World Cup next October for the first time in its history, aiming to become the king of the sport in Europe in a country dominated by cricket.

The competition also seeks to develop opportunities for women who are segregated from society and discriminated against as they practice sports that are still considered for men in countries such as India.

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