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India’s interest in lithium and movement development

January 16, 2022 – 01:21
Again, the country expressed its intention to cooperate.

Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro had a telephone conversation with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of India Subramaniam Jaisankar this week. One of the topics addressed was Mining Promotion. Apart from Argentina’s technical cooperation, this is not the first time the country has sought investment.
During the talks, they also highlighted the importance of increasing medium- and long-term investment, and discussed the progress of their plans to manufacture electric vehicles and plans to join the lithium chain in northwestern Argentina based on the growth of the green economy. The KABIL consortium of public companies maintains cooperation framework agreements with YPF and Jujuy Energia y MinerĂ­a Sociedad del Estado (Jemse) in this area.

Similarly, the importance of resuming Mercosur and India talks to reach a fair and balanced agreement was pointed out.
This is not the first conversation between the two states about mining. In February last year, he welcomed Alberto Hensel, former Secretary of State for Mines, Dinesh Patia, Ambassador of the Republic of India and Maitreya Kulkarni, Commercial Secretary of the Embassy. Mining sector in our country ..

Hansel and Patia agreed to work together to strengthen trade ties and connections in the mining sector between Argentina and India.
During this meeting, the possibilities for expanding India’s investment in Argentina and the progress of the National Schedule, which ends in April with Argentina’s strategic mining development plan for the next 30 years, are very important for potential foreign investors and the guidelines for the national mining model should be clearly set out.

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In September 2021, the Minister of Production Development, Matthias Kulfas, met with Alok Tandon, Secretary, Ministry of Mines, India, with whom he explored the possibility of improving mining cooperation agreements to improve electricity mobility and the economy. They also agreed to strengthen ties between the two countries.

They agreed to highlight the importance of mining cooperation to improve electricity mobility and to deepen cooperation, including cooperation between YPF Lithium and KABIL, the Government of India dedicated to strategic metals.