May 30, 2023

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Indian writer Gitanjali Sri has won the International Booker Prize for his existential novel

Gitanjali Shri Was honored today in London International Booker Prize For his novel Sand grave, Translated Daisy Rockwell. The award is worth ஆயிரம் 50,000 (approximately $ 63,000) between the author and his translator. This is how the best fiction written in a language other than English and published last year in Ireland or the United Kingdom is recognized. This is the first time a novel written in Hindi has won this award. Argentina Claudia Pinero Competed with his novel Ellen knows.

“Wild Original Literary Works.” In this way, the Foundation has been presenting this award since 2016 [entrega la distinción por una obra concreta y no a un autor por el conjunto de su obra, como lo hizo desde 1969 hasta 2016] The works of the six finalists are mentioned –Short list– It competed for novels written in Spanish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, Hindi and Polish. After learning the first list of 13 names –Long list– In March, the finalists were announced in April.

In this respect, there were more contestants for this award Sand tomb, Elena knowsClaudia Piñeyro (translated by Frances Riddle); Heaven, By Japanese Mieko Kawakami (translated by Samuel Pett and David Boyd); A New Name: Septology VI-VIINorwegian by John Foss (translated by Damien Searles); Books of Jacob, Polish Nobel Prize for Literature Olga Tokorsuk (Previously translated by Jennifer Croft, a group that won Booker in 2018); Y Cursed rabbitFrom Korean Bora Sung (translated by Anton Hur).

Sand tombWhose translation may be in Spanish Sand tomb, The story of an old woman in India who becomes a widow and decides to travel to Pakistan. Her daughter, a Bohemian woman, vehemently opposes her mother doing this adventure. This comprehensive novel about sharing, on many levels (physical, generational and existential), has a central theme, as the author and translator agree: Boundaries. Born in 1957 in Mainpuri, India, the author’s works have not yet been translated into Spanish.

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“I never dreamed I would get Booker or even think I would get such recognition,” Sri began his acceptance speech, dedicating the award to his 95-year-old mother, an elderly woman like the protagonist of the novel, and her husband. Could not go with her to the ceremony. The author regrets that little is known in the world about his language and the dialects spoken in the country, and thanked him for this award because his works will be incorporated into the “Glossary of the World” by the Booker Prize.

Prior to receiving the award, the writer declared that being the finalist was of paramount importance beyond his personal dignity, and expected what his text would be: “This is not just about me, but as an individual. I represent a language and culture, and this recognition brings Indian literature to a broader scope.

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Pinero’s novel Elena knows, It was first published in Spanish in 2007 by Alfaguara and has won several awards in Spain, including the Pepe Carvalho Black Novel Award. Sarko Press, a publishing house run by Argentine translator Carolina Orloff, has decided to publish the fiction in English in 2021 and add Argentine writers to its list. It also has a version in that language, for example, Love yourself and killOf Haryana Horwitz, Y The Adventures of China IronOf Gabriela Cabison Camera (Translated by Fiona McIntosh and Iona McIntyre). Both teachers competed for the Booker, which Kabesan Kamara reached as the finalist in 2020.

Booker reached this final event last year as well Mariana Enriquez With Dangers of smoking in bed. Samantha Sweplin Has competed for the award many times: in 2018, with Birds in the mouth; And in 2017, with Recovery distance (The latter was translated by Megan McDowell). In other words, along with Schweblin, Cabezón Cámara, Enriquez and Piñeiro, there are four Argentine writers who have represented the country at this prestigious award and at these final events.

Claudia Pinero with Frances Riddle, the finalists for the awardAndrew Fosker

“It’s painful to choose between so many wonderful works,” said Frank Vine, Irish translator and chairman of the Booker International Jury, announcing the award at a ceremony at the Immoving One Marylaphone. Of translators of literary history. Nicky Bedi was the host of the event, which read fragments of all the selected works that competed for the award, which, according to its promoters, “changes the lives of its winners.”

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