March 20, 2023

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Indian Supreme Court lifts ban on bull racing

Archive of the bull race in India. EPA / PIAL Officer

New Delhi, December 16 (EFE). The Supreme Court of India on Thursday suspended the veto on cattle cart racing after a four-year stalemate amid protests by animal associations that it was an act of animal cruelty in the state of Maharashtra.
“The petition filed by the state government in the Supreme Court seeking removal of the ban on cattle racing came up for hearing today. The court has given conditional permission for the races,” Maharashtra Home Minister Dilip Walls-Patil celebrated. Posted the video on his Twitter account.
“The state government’s efforts to restart the bullock cart race have been successful,” he added.
Today’s judgment by the Supreme Court of India lifted the ban on holding sporting events with animals in Maharashtra, and in 2018 the Bombay High Court compared their status with other regions where cow racing is legal.
According to the magistrates, “We have to be uniform and there should be a law. If racing is going on in other states then why not allow it in Maharashtra”.
And the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka approved this type of betting in 2017 after adding amendments to the law three years ago that animal cruelty shows should not be held across India.
Maharashtra also sought legal action, but to no avail until today’s sentence.
Therefore, this decision balances the case of the three regions, which may hold bullfights until the Constitutional Court issues a final decision on the case soon.
The approval of these shows created discomfort in animal organizations like Betta India.
The organization was against the sentence and did not enter into an assessment of whether the law was cruel or animal-harmed, its managing director Manilal Valliyatte explained to Efe.
“You can not race without harming the animal,” he continued, “and the bulls are forced to run to avoid being attacked by whips and sticks.”
Valliyathe warned that the Supreme Court verdict would send India back to the “dark ages” and pointed out that “they will work to eradicate the animals that are subject to these horrific incidents”.

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