May 28, 2023

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Indian Parliament adjourned to protest Rahul Gandhi’s impeachment

Activists and supporters of the Indian Congress party protest against defamation charges against opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on March 26, 2023. afp_tickers

This content was published on March 27, 2023 – 09:04


India’s lower house of parliament was adjourned on Monday after a group of parliamentarians protested the impeachment of opposition leader Rahul Gandhi accused of defaming the prime minister.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi was barred from the Lower House of Parliament on Friday after he was sentenced to jail for defaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is now out on bail.

Representatives from his party, dressed in black, disrupted the session and the Speaker decided to suspend the debates.

“I want to lead the chamber with dignity,” declared its president Om Birla, who adjourned proceedings.

The chamber on Friday decided to expel Gandhi from the chamber, without waiting for his appeal of the process.

Gandhi, who had no family ties to Mahatma Gandhi, was the great-grandson of the country’s first head of government, the independence leader Jawaharlal Nehru.

Gandhi was sentenced to two years in prison by a court in Gujarat, in the western part of the country, for declaring that “all thieves are called Modi” during the 2019 election campaign.

The Modi government is constantly accused of using justice to neutralize its opponents.

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