June 2, 2023

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Indian Olympic Committee targeted by IOC; Suspense COG

International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Guatemalan Olympic organization and threatened to do the same to India, lamenting the problems of political interference and internal litigation threatening to punish athletes from both countries, respectively.

“Through Dark reasons”, Regret for the Lausanne Organization, The Constitutional Court Last August, Guatemala suspended “a certain number of standard rules and regulations” from the country’s National Olympic Committee (CNO).

However, the Olympic Charter requires NOCs to maintain “their autonomy” and resist “all pressures”, especially “legal and political”, which is a core principle of the Olympic Games, leading to regular conflicts between them. IOC And some governments.

However, the Olympic organization’s governing body is delaying its decision until October 15, hoping to find an “acceptable solution” with the Guatemalan authorities in the meantime, without which the affected athletes cannot. Representing their country in international competitions.

By, The IOC It has threatened to suspend the Indian National Olympic Committee between now and December, as it did in 2012 and 2014, citing the organization’s “continuing internal conflicts and governance problems,” delaying CNO elections scheduled for late 2021.

As of this moment, the Olympic body has decided to “delay” its next session to September/October 2023, initially scheduled for May 2023 in Bombay, leaving the possibility of moving it outside India if its NOC is suspended. On that General Assembly’s agenda, in particular, was the venue for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

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