June 7, 2023

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Indian minister admitted to hospital after drinking holy river water

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The Chief Minister of India’s Punjab drank water from the holy river Kali Bain to show that it is potable. Ended up in hospital two days later For stomach ache.

Officer Bhagwant Mann was with a crowd to announce the launch of a campaign at a holy stream in Sultanpur Lodhi. All rivers and drains in the state should be cleaned.

A commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the restoration of the river was held. The minister held a glass, filled it with water, and drank the liquid from the reservoir.

Bhagwant The deer took water on Sunday, July 17, according to sources. He was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night, the 19thmiddle step Indian Express.

Reports suggest that he has undergone a medical examination. The official was reportedly unwell at his official residence and was airlifted to a Delhi hospital.

however, The government kept the case secretThe man rushed into the health center without his security personnel, Indian media reported.

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Principal’s office Mann did not confirm hospitalizationAn official said he is safe and sound. Subsequently, the minister showed several meetings through social media.