June 5, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Indian-Kashmir schools closed after 31 months are reopening

Srinagar (India), March 2 Indian Kashmir officially reopened its schools this Wednesday after 31 months of closure, returning with two disappointments in March 2020 and 2021, the first break due to security warnings in the region after its half-cancellation. – Autonomous status, added after infection. Kashmir authorities announced in a statement on March 2 that “all schools should be reopened for face-to-face classes”. To celebrate, many schools in Srinagar, the main city of the region, are decorated with flags today. Colored balloons to welcome students. A festive atmosphere for parents of students who went to the doors of centers and bus stops to see their children for the first time after 31 months. 31- MONTH STOP Schools in Indian Kashmir were forced to close in August 2019, after the Indian government revoked the region’s special semi-autonomous status, which increased military recruitment and led to a strict curfew order to avoid disruption. Authorities eased restrictions six months later, but the winter holidays – lasting until the end of February – forced authorities to close schools again in March, shortly after the Kovit-19 eruptions in the first ca region were briefly reopened about two weeks later. After the end of that first wave, companies and universities began to come face-to-face again in March 2021, but saw them reopen, frustrated by the recovery of the Govt cases, which led to a second wave of the disease. Peak after two months. This two-and-a-half-year wait without an internet connection was very difficult for students, meaning they could not access virtual classes until February 2021, resulting in 18 months of internet blockage resulting in the avoidance of disruptions after a semi-autonomous withdrawal. However, since independence from the British Empire in 1947, India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads over the conflict, and the region continues to darken every time there is a conflict. This is a global situation, but ours is a different case. The student leaves the school. The father of another student also explored the seriousness of the break and warned his daughter that “she was a 7th grader when she last went to classes at her school and now she’s a 10th grader and does not know her classmates”. Difficulties in Adaptation Teachers and psychologists consider that they may have difficulty interacting with students after spending too much time in their homes. “Teachers need to be friendly with their students and take serious precautions in dealing with them, otherwise children will behave negatively because of their strange psyche,” psychologist Iftikhar Efa explained. A task has been highlighted by the director of a private school who warns children that they are “crazy about cell phones and laptops” when going to virtual classes and that now teachers have a responsibility to “remove them from the virtual world”. According to experts, the ongoing struggles in the region are compounded by the instability that has been negatively affecting the education of school-age children for the past three decades and the strong sense of support for independence. Shah Abbas

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