May 30, 2023

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Indian film industry announces production in Costa Rica

Five films will be shot in a short time from the Bollywood industry in Costa Rica and other Central American countries.

Thanks to the agreement signed in Panama City between Costa Rican Hindu actor, producer, filmmaker and businessman Prabhakar Sharan and businessman Dolly Kaur, a representative of Eros International and Eros STX Global Corporation Limited, Kishore Lulla.

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The project will have a major socio-economic impact as it will combine the experience and talent of the Indian film industry with that of the region, creating an excellent opportunity for the development, exhibition and internationalization of cinema.

“As an actor, producer and entrepreneur, making this film project is a big dream for me and I believe it will mark the renaissance of the industry. Through this deal, Bollywood will continue to expand its presence in the region. We will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and cultures,” Sharan said.

The company responsible for the talks, Pacific Investment Corporation, is led by Theresa Rodriguez Cerdas, Costa Rica’s entrepreneur and educator. .

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The first film to be shot was “Borders Without Life: The Immigration Files”, a play about the dangers faced by immigrants from India and Asia as they embark on their journey from Ecuador to the United States.

The second plan was to bring the events of Monteverde to the big screen in March 2005, where an attack on a bank branch shocked the country.

The script is based on the book Assault on Monteverde by Huanelge GutiĆ©rrez, a former OIJ special intervention officer who took part in a rescue operation and lost his best friend, officer Quesada Fallas, known as “Tanque”.

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