June 3, 2023

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Indian company Zoho is planning to set up a data center in Mexico

Indian software company Zoho Corporation plans to establish a Information Center in Mexico—the company’s first in the region—within the next two years.

“We want to have a data center in Latin America precisely to strengthen the security area,” Jorge Armando Viveros, head of customer success for the central market, told BNamericas at an event hosted by the company in Buenos Aires.

Zoho has two data centers in the US that mirror each other to provide seamless services. This model is also planned for the Mexico unit.

“We’re together road map That would first include our corporate offices, our own facilities, and from there an analysis of the geographic situation would be done to see where the best location would be. That’s why it’s a two-year project,” said Raul Mendiola, the company’s customer development representative.

Zoho has offices Information Center de Querétaro and opened branches in Brazil and Colombia. “Our next step is to open offices in Chile,” announced Tamara Arrunada, event manager for Latin America. The company plans to open an office in Argentina.

In Brazil, its subsidiary Manage Engine is evaluating setting up a data center in the country. The company is considering building a facility next to its Santa Catarina or São Paulo offices or partnering with a local company.

“We want to bring our own data center to Brazil for profit. Why use Information Center Very expensive elsewhere. Running Azure, AWS and infrastructure is expensive,” Subin George, Regional Director at ManageEngine previously told BNamericas.

This investment is also driven by Brazil’s LGPD data protection law, which requires certain types of data to remain in the country.

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“At Zoho we respect the entire issue of data protection laws. We understand that if local data is required for any country in Latin America, we will choose to respect these laws. [y desplegar datacenters]”, stressed Arrunada.


Zoho claims to have experienced tremendous growth in the region over the last 4 years, adding 10 million end users annually. The plan is to keep the momentum going in 2023.

“We have achieved this because we have increased the number of applications and updates within our platform,” Arrunada said.

Among the most requested products is ZohoCRM. “This is the first product Zoho has created and it hasn’t stopped growing. It’s a very concentrated application in terms of automations,” Viveros pointed out.

The company is also experiencing growth in its support applications.

Zoho already incorporates artificial intelligence technologies into its apps and now hopes to integrate ChatGTP. “It’s more of a brainstorm. We look at trends, what kind of activity is being sought,” Viveros explained.