March 20, 2023

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Indian and Chinese Foreign Ministers meet in New Delhi | News

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a meeting with his Indian counterpart Subramaniam Jaishankar in New Delhi (capital) on Friday, where the two ambassadors agreed to strengthen bilateral ties and enhance bilateral ties.

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Wang Yi stressed that the two countries agree to promote multilateral order, economic globalization, diversity and democracy in international relations.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said that border issues should not define or affect the general development of relations between the two countries and therefore a diplomatic solution should be found.

In addition, he promised that China and India should help each other to coordinate different achievements, but not limit each other; And must fully comply with the non-consensual consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries.

For his part, the Indian Foreign Minister stressed to his country the importance of relations with Beijing and acknowledged with his fellow Minister the need to strengthen ties between the two countries to enhance other areas of exchange and development.

Jaishankar said his country and China had maintained active contact through diplomatic and military means since 2021, adding that after several rounds of talks on border issues, most parts of the West were able to move out of the Line of Control. Nearby areas.

India and China have the same position on various regional and international issues, so the two ministers agreed that they should support each other to contribute more deeply.

Topics such as the fight against the Kovit-19 epidemic, the crisis in Ukraine and Afghanistan were also on the agenda of the meeting.

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Both diplomats expressed concern over the promotion of diversity and adherence to the United Nations Charter, the diplomatic solution to the conflict, and the impact of unilateral sanctions on the world economy.