March 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India wins war! Twitter accepts new terms

After months of clashes, it appears that Twitter and India can conclude an agreement because the US social network has promised to “fully follow” the new rules imposed by the Eastern government following a warning from officials. .

Earlier Google, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tiger Global, and Indian start-ups Sherkot and Goo decided to adopt the new Indian IT rules within the time frame given by Indian authorities to foreign and local companies, which is almost a month old.

As a series of policies that the South Asian nation seeks to implement from February this year, the technology companies want to name and share the contact details of the nodal benchmark, redressal of complaints about networks and all delegates responsible. Enforcement of rules.

Conflicts with Twitter

In the case of Twitter, the company was Decided not to comply According to a national media report, the company would have appointed a lawyer as the person in charge with the measures imposed by the Indian government.

“Twitter sent out a communication last night sharing the details of a lawyer working for a law firm in India as its nodal liaison person and complaints officer,” a note from New Delhi said, noting that the aforementioned officers were required to be direct employees. .

This increased the intensity between the government and the social network, after a group of Delhi officials visited the company’s offices after describing the Twitter intimidation as a form of ‘tweet’ to issue a notice of inquiry into the politicians ’assessment.

What do the new laws of India mean

Similarly, there will be applications for obligations to track the author of any particular message if requested by the court or the government, which must comply for three months on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why did you accept Twitter?

Accordingly Bloomberg, India warned Twitter that if it does not comply with the rules, the social network can legally be responsible for every publication of users, so its administrators will face criminal charges for user-generated content.

Faced with such a situation, the company’s attorney assured them that they had already appointed an interim compliance director and would soon have a grievance officer and an employee to respond to law enforcement agencies ’requests.

It should be noted that social media sites inadvertently remove content about legal challenges, however, they are generally not responsible for them.

There is still risk

Twitter has a deadline of the rest of this year, however, the digital company said it would set up a liaison office in India in the next eight weeks. Failure to comply with the above may result in legal action against the Government of India.

The intention is to conform to the new rules of big technology companies towards India as foreign sites like Facebook and Google identify the country as their biggest market by users.

Accordingly The Economic TimesIn FY20, Google India’s revenue was around Rs 56 billion. The company’s overall revenue increased by almost 24 percent over the previous year.

For its part, Facebook has about 383.1 million users in India. The number of Facebook users in India is expected to increase to 521.2 million by 2025. So disappearing from the map can complicate a company’s business relationships, especially in terms of advertising.

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It is important to remember that Pakistan proposed similar rules in 2020, but when all the technology companies joined forces they backed down one step and threatened to leave the country if their plans were not withdrawn.