March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India will be the first target

Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavetra will start their engines and make their first stop in the world’s most populous country.

The second season starts today “Partners Worldwide”Pancho Saavetra and Jorge Zabaleta’s new adventure outside of Chile takes them to visit India, Thailand, Japan and Uganda.

In this first episode, “Partners” will arrive Mumbai and VaranasiYou will get to know the spiritual capital of India and the most important river of this country Ganges.

The famous duo will start this new cycle with fun events, for example, Saavedra will not travel with two suitcases, but this time she will travel with three; For two of your clothes, one third will be free to carry the things you buy in each country.

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Culture shock for Pancho Saavetra

On the other hand, you can see Jabaleda He explained to his friend that India is a different culture from the West. Plus, the “Machos” actor will remember it He visited this country 21 years ago in the company of his sisterA A special moment in your life.

Like this, friends would travel by train from Bombay Varanasi, they will live special experiences during the trip which will last almost a day. Before arriving at this place, George would warn his fellow traveler that he would live in this city “A very strong culture shock because it’s a very harsh city for Western society.”

In the holiest of seven spiritual cities of this nation, drivers “Partners Worldwide” They will enjoy unique and entertaining adventures where laughter is the protagonist.

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However, where it will be in this city George and Banjo They discover a new way of seeing the world, living the moments moving around the river Gangessacred India And, at the same time, the most polluted in the world.

As this river is a holy place, this is where the cremation forest is located IndiaOnly men there They are going to cremate their loved ones because women are very sensitive to this act.

This is because pFor Indians, death means celebration, dance, music and do; In contrast to the West: loss, sadness and deep pain.