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India. Wife hunter caught: biggest swindler

With He plays at least three different names and a biodata as a rich doctor and a high-ranking official of the Indian government looking for love, Ramesh Swain For many years he served the perfect cocktail to seduce dozens of women and pay for a life of pleasure and luxury.

A call from New Delhi from an angry wife who demanded more than $ 10,000 and her husband was going to marry someone else caught the attention of police in the eastern state of Bhubaneswar in May 2020. From Odisha.

“In May 2020 we started following her and every clue took us to a new wife with the same story,” Bhubaneswar Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjeev Satpathy told Efe after nearly a year of investigation.

On February 13, the clue led to an exit from the temple. Police Special Forces surrounded the car. The perpetrator, who cheated dozens of women and robbed a dozen banks, is less than 1.60 meters tall, sixty years old, with dyed hair and a small mustache, and greets agents with a smile from the seat of his vehicle.

On wedding planning websites, Ramesh Swain Vijayasree Kumar, Ramesh Chandra, Pithu Prakash or Ramani Ranjan Swain, a 52-year-old cardiologist, director of the Ministry of Health, earns nearly $ 1 million a year “Never Married”, “Down to Earth”, and “Dangerous Love” above all else.

Their first wedding took place in 1978, and the next three weddings were scheduled to take place in April and May.

Over the age of 45, he would look for well-paid, well-paid women, send text messages, write for several days, and after calling, say he would come see them. Then he will propose to them, “he said.

It was his move to select divorcees or widows, and the stigmatized status of Indian society makes these women even more vulnerable.

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A photograph of him in a white car wearing the traditional red siren of the Government of India, business cards with the Government emblem, and letters from high officials were all presented to everyone as proof that he was on official business.

“Initially his aim was to get sexual pleasure, that was his first goal, but when he told them that the government had blocked his accounts for different reasons, he started asking them for money,” he explained.

According to a teacher, Ramesh went missing a few months after the marriage, and he and his family embezzled more than $ 15,000 in cash and jewelry.

“He never stays with his wife for long,” says Satpathy.

A technical team examined the person’s three phones. The diagnosed conversations led to more than a hundred women having an apparent “formal” relationship with the alleged doctor. Only twenty of them wanted to agree to the marriage.

“But it is almost impossible to know the exact number,” the police chief said, underscoring the social stigma that falls on these women if they publicly admit that they are married to a swindler.

With Raman, Ramesh as a man of money, power and loneliness, sought that pillar to create the future. Despite being a widow, the idea that a high official had accepted her persuaded her to agree to the proposal.

But one day, alone in the apartment where they had moved in after the wedding, her husband called her and made the first order.

“He told me that he could not go to the airport because he was ill, that his bank accounts were frozen and that he needed money to pay for the hospital,” Rama said, adding that he wanted to use the nickname to protect himself. His identity, he told Efe.

If the dowry of jewelry given by his family for the wedding is calculated, the total may be about one lakh dollars, and “it could have been more”, otherwise the employee who worked one day. For years Ramesh looked at Rama in frustration and admitted that “there were others” just like her.

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A police investigation has revealed that a relative of Ramesh and several members of his family had set the bait. Some of them went to weddings to confirm the success story of the wrong doctor.

From a man already arrested in 2006 for defrauding a dozen banks by obtaining credit cards in false names, all false:

“He never studied medicine, all of his credentials are false, and he never studied beyond the tenth grade,” police told Efe.

Ramesh tricked a still uncertain number of young people, besides women, into promising them a place in the country’s leading medical school and charging them about $ 20,000 a place.

According to the police officer, Ramesh is one of the biggest fraudsters of all time.