March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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In 2002, at the present time Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Was the chief minister of West Indies Gujarat, where more than 1,000 people were killed in religious riots and 200,000 people were displaced from their homes. Most of the victims were Muslims. Those killings and forced transfers should have pronounced the end of Modi’s political career. Instead, however, they made his name known throughout the country.

Many in the Hindu community saw Modi as their savior. The 142cm thorax he said and the desire he had for hard work (more considered, but we will not go into it now), he presented himself as a miracle worker, capable of strengthening the influence of the Hindus, at the same time, I feel superior to other communities. At the time I was working as a journalist in Bombay and I often heard educated Hindus and upper castes speak with admiration that they wanted to remind Muslims that being on our side on the border with Pakistan was not their place. When I visited Gujarat five years after the riots, I saw that invisible borders were operating and the neighborhoods were divided into Muslim zones and Hindu zones to interview those who had lost their loved ones and homes.

Victims of the riots were confined to one-room houses built urgently by charities in cities and suburbs. Without any help from the Modi government, these temporary shelters were converted into permanent shelters. Almost every home had a structured and decorated photo of a loved one who died in the riot. Some of the pictures are of children and their parents would take them down from the wall to put them in my hands. I interviewed these parents, they were heartbroken, always will be, and then spoke to middle class Hindus who appreciated Modi’s political gifts and the growth of Gujarat’s economy. If a few hundred Muslims had died during his tenure, they deserved it.

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These claims are no exception. When Modi won twice in a row as the Prime Minister of the country they were soon to be heard all over India. The uprisings and massacres of Muslims did not tarnish his political record, but rather turned into decorations he proudly displayed while mocking the opposition and Muslims from his platform.

Neither the liberals, nor the corporate world, nor the Indian millionaires have whispered opposition. Many intellectuals in the media, who had a platform to reject his fanaticism and the BJP’s bad policies and monetization, used the opposite: to offer their support. Journalists and movie stars struggled to photograph him. His opponents were criticized for sticking to outdated socialist ideas. Modi He was a friend of business and progress. India was on its way to becoming a superpower. Who did not get on the bus The Messiah It will be crushed by its wheels.

I like that those words are nothing but a metaphor, but, like almost all dictatorial leaders, Modi cannot accept criticism. In recent years, those who dare to question his rule have been convicted in the form of tax inspections and arrests. Many activists and journalists are imprisoned in inhumane conditions Ill with Govt-19. Vast fields of Indian journalism and television Ask Modi for responsibilities And his government, along with the military, wanted to be his branch for discriminatory policies against Muslims and their plans to harm the environment. Giants Appointed by the party to flood social media with propaganda. As long as their interests were not affected, they paid very little attention to who was alive and who was dead.

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The first time I heard it Terrifying request for oxygen I felt the same helplessness I experienced on the Indian streets during the riots in Gujarat. We had a government whose actions could have saved lives (it could have saved them in 2002), but not its emperor and foot soldiers.

After allowing massive Hindu religious ceremonies such as Kumbh Mela and election rallies, which were the main sources of the epidemic, the government did nothing Correct your mistakes. Modi declared imprisonment with surprise in March 2020, when the number of Govt-19 cases in the country was low, but did not use those months or the months after that to make the necessary arrangements if the virus reappears. Today we see the consequences of their inaction.

What was Modi thinking? We don’t know because it doesn’t offer press conferences. He offered no explanations or apologies. Indians are dying because of the cruelty and incompetence of his government, but he did not offer words of consolation or condolence. Instead, we see photos of registration and road construction for his primary project, Central Vista, in which the Prime Minister has a new residence. Works valued at over 2,000 2,000 million (2, 2,300 million) are considered “essential” and therefore do not interfere with epidemic work. Meanwhile, Indians are being asked to pay if they want to be vaccinated against Govt-19.

In Uttar Pradesh, India, Yogi Adityanath, a Hindu cleric who belongs to Modi’s party and is known for his hateful remarks against Muslims, has threatened desperate people and hospital administrators who are posting demands for oxygen cylinders in the community. Media imposing punitive measures including confiscation of their assets. Meanwhile, he carefully fitted the stables in his state with oximeters and infrared thermometers.

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As the wind blows from the funeral rites, the anger against Modi increases. A month ago, gossips were heard in the newsrooms that he had not dared to say a word against the government’s policies. If they had raised their voices before, perhaps we would not experience this catastrophe today. But they were content to look the other way as long as Modi’s hatred ran against Muslims and those who considered others. However, a virus knows no bounds and is a danger to all human beings without moral principles. I wonder if Modi fans realized this too late.

We must survive until 2024 to defeat him in the election, which means the next elections will be planned. It seems, at this point, very difficult.

Deepa Anappara is an Indian writer and author Purple Line Detectives (Target).
Translation by Maria Louisa Rodriguez Tobias