June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India wants to be a country with a base of all manufacturers

In late 2021, there was high expectation for a project to set up semiconductor factories in India. The Asian country wants to get Intel’s blessings along with other semiconductor manufacturers The country should provide semiconductors to any manufacturer that wants it. The shortage of semiconductors and China’s political situation in relation to international markets and Taiwan make all manufacturers dependent on these two countries to expand their production.

Europe and the United States provide banking services to manufacturers who want them. Stop leaning on the chinAh, India wanted to follow them. Although the European Union and the United States have mainly proposed Intel, India has proposed for Intel, DSMC and Globalfoundaries.

India wants to be a great foundry hub

The Indian government is said to have stepped up its efforts and is now trying to convince Intel, GlobalFoundries and TSMC. The main culprit is Rajiv Chandrasekhar, a technology and entrepreneurship minister and former Intel engineer.

So far, Chandrasekhar does not seem to have come very far. According to an article in The Economic Times, the newspaper met with CEOs to talk to them and provide explanations. On the other hand, the latest news is that Foxconn is keen to install some type of smelter in India in association with Vedanta, a local group dedicated to the mining industry.

Government of India Blockchain Farmers Steels

It is also said Various Indian states are interested, In getting new businesses and getting new investments. Earlier this month, Intel CEO Pat Kelsinger, who is touring several Asian countries, met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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India hopes that Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi will reflect on their success in making smartphones domestically, as well as Taiwanese Foxconn, Wistron and Pektron, which have signed deals with Apple device makers. The big problem is that the production of semiconductors is more complicated than smartphones because they require larger factories and more specialized labor. This means that if India is not ready to play a long game like the US and the European Union do, its efforts to attract semiconductor foundries are unlikely to succeed.

Source: Technology Crisis